Lefkada, Greece

I am safe and sound in Greece after 24 hours of traveling and a small side trip with my wonderful husband. I have gotten to travel some within Greece, but there are still so many wonderful places we haven’t been yet either. I think one could spend a year just traveling in Greece – mainland and the thousands of islands – and still not see all the beautiful hidden jewels of this country. There are a total of 6,000 islands and islets of Greece, but only 227 of those islands are inhabited – and only 78 or so have more than 100 people living on them. Each island and even city is known for something unique and special from that area and there are hundreds of different village accents depending on where you are traveling. 
Upon picking me up from the airport, we drove to northwest Greece and visited a smaller island that is reachable by a bridge, Lefkada. This was a couple of the best days in my life. Now, it could very well be that I had been away from my husband for 2 months and we could have been in a village forgotten by God and still been happy, but I think Lefkada was beautiful as well. 
The one thing I was not a fan of was traveling in peak season, now that it is August we were surrounded by more tourists than Greeks (not that it is a bad thing, just the density of people was troubling). We even took a day boat trip to visit a couple of the nearby smaller islands and swim at some beaches unreachable by car, and we didn’t find out until the trip that it was actually a Scandinavian tour – we were 2 of the 7 Greeks aboard, I was the only native English speaker!!! So, I admit that I don’t do well with crowds, I would much prefer visiting somewhere with a few people and feeling like it was more authentic and special; no Disney Land for me 🙂 
Staying to ourselves wasn’t really a problem either, we toured the island and didn’t bother much with the mainstream nightlife or crowded villages. The one place Lefkada is famous for that we did go though, is Porto Katsiki (Port Goat – named because of the steep cliffs that the goats often love). This was probably the most popular beach on the island and supposedly in the top 10 of Greek beaches overall. IT. WAS. SPECTACULAR. But it was also VERY crowded and I got easily annoyed by not only the hundreds of people that kept flooding in but also the audacity for them to charge for parking at a public beach after driving an hour and trekking down to the actual beach. We stayed only an hour and when we were in the water swimming and not inundated by all the people and shouting, it was picture perfect! I felt like we were placed in a postcard and all the colors came to life, a little surreal to be true. I definitely recommend visiting in more of the mid season so you don’t have to share the beach with as many people, but keep in mind that the water will be pretty dang cold outside of August-September! Here are a few UNEDITED photos from Porto Katsiki and some other beaches around Lefkada. 

I will try to post some more pictures when things settle down a bit more, as of now we are in north Greece with the in-laws and trying to figure out exactly where we will be next year. There is still a small chance we could be moving stateside, but we aren’t holding our breath until it actually happens. I will keep you updated as we find anything out! As of now, we will 99.9% chance be in Lesvos again. We are trusting that God is in control and not us, He always knows better, right?!

I haven’t been cooking lately either, just enjoying lots of gyros, summer fruits and vegetables, and now my mother-in-law’s amazing cooking. Especially during times of fasting like now (until August 15th for the Ascension of Mary) she can transform the most simple dishes into complete masterpieces!!! I will have to observe and learn some of her secrets, and maybe I will share them with you too!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful summer, especially if you are near a beach!!! 


3 thoughts on “Lefkada, Greece

  1. Wow that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing the great photos. I hope things manage to work out for you and your husband and the future soon – waiting is tough (I know because I'm in a season of waiting at the moment too!).

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