The Greek Frappe, II

Now that it is practically summer here in Greece, everywhere you look there are frappes. Whether you are passing by a coffee shop, there you will find many Greeks enjoying the sun and their frappes; whether shopping in a store or two, you are sure to find the workers sipping their frappes; or relaxing on the beach and savoring each sip. This is by FAR the most popular drink in Greece and I have yet to meet a Greek (besides my husband) that does not drink at least 3-5 PER DAY!!! To read about my experience and first review of the frappe, visit here, they are still too strong for me to this day despite how obsessed others everyone else seems to be with them!

I must admit though, that it is one of the easiest drinks to make: coffee, water, and a cup with a lid… plus sugar and milk if you are fancy! It is uniquely characterized by its thick, creamy foam that you get by either shaking or using an electric wand. They are so easy to make and so popular, that they can even be bought at corner kiosks and made simply on the go by adding a little water, shaking until you have a foam and adding the remaining water. 

In addition to a recipe (below), you must also know how to order a frappe when coming to Greece. Whether you take a lot or a little sugar with your coffee or even prefer it plain, it is all said in one simple word:

Sketo” …plain, without any sugar
Metrio” …medium, usually ~1-2 small spoons of sugar
Glyko” …sweet, usually ~2-3 spoons of sugar, sometimes 4 depending on where you go

And if you want milk, you just add “me gala“. So, the next time you are in Greece (or in a Greek shop) and want to order a frappe, now you can use your Greek: (I would like a frappe…)Tha eithela ena frappe….” + “metrio me gala(medium sweet plus milk)!

Greek Frappe Recipe
2/3 – 3/4 cup filtered water
1 spoon of nescafe (or other instant coffee)
1 spoon sugar (for metrio/medium sweet)
~1/4 cup evaporated milk (or ~1/3 cup regular milk)
handful of ice

Use a small electric frothing wand, if you have handy because this creates ideal foam instantly. Simply add coffee, sugar, and 1/3 of the water into your cup and beat until thick. Add some ice, remaining water, milk, and stir gently with a straw!  
If you do not have a wand, simply put 3 ice cubes, 1/3 cup of the water, sugar and nescafe in a shaker or any closed container with a tight fitting lid, and shake very well for about 30-45 seconds. The coffee should get very frothy and thick. Pour into a tall glass of your choice and fill with a few more ice cubes. Put another 1/3 cup of water in the shaker and swish around to pick up all the rest of the foam and coffee. Add to glass. Pour in evaporated milk and a few more ice cubes if desired. Stir with a straw. 

Always serve with a cold glass of water, because whether frappes were meant to be or not, they are commonly enjoyed for 2-3 hours at a time! Once you have sipped your way down to only foam, you just add some water to make your coffee last longer!  I mean there are only so many sips you can take while smoking a pack of cigarettes per hour, it kinda takes a while 🙂 

If you are going to drink such a strong coffee, might I tempt you with some Chocolate Chip bars made with a coconut and walnut topping?! Let’s just say that I made the frappe more for a photo opt than I made to actually enjoy it. I like the taste well enough, but for some reason within minutes the caffeine hits me like a narcotic and I get a little crazy, strange but totally true! 
Anyway, it is my motto to try everything twice… you just never know if that first time was a fluke or not 🙂 And THE Greek frappe is most definitely worth trying at some point in your life! As a testimonial, I have an American friend who moved here (to Greece) and did not even like coffee when he came, maybe a Starbuck’s latte every now and then but we all know those don’t count as coffee, it is 90%steamed milk – my kind of coffee! Now, he loves frappes and drinks at least one cup every day! I don’t know how you do it Tracy, but I totally think it makes you more Greek 🙂 You can check out his view on Greek life, here
Kali Orexi and let me know if YOU like or have ever tried a Greek frappe?


7 thoughts on “The Greek Frappe, II

  1. I love a good Greek frappe! Even better with some ice cream and Bailey's cream every once in a while. Just can't replicate the real thing here in North America though. I wonder why?!

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