Easter continued…

Unlike, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” the movie, my husband’s family is quite small and intimate. A brother and sister were missing, but even when the whole family is all together it is a very tame function; I cannot however say the same for my side of the family. My family in Texas must have some a lot of Greek spirit in them, because THEY are MY big fat Greek family. All of my aunts and cousins come over and are shouting all at the same time to be heard, everyone is in everyone else’s private business, and it is not a family get together if someone doesn’t cry or leave abruptly. You probably think I am exaggerating, I am not 🙂 But enough about my family holidays, I don’t want to scare my Greek husband too much, he has only been around his in-laws for a while and still adores them all! What’s not to love about full blown honesty and letting someone know when they have gained a few pounds, right?

Easter in Greece is very different for me. Besides the wonderful church celebrations and emphasis on Christ, there is also a huge stress on family and spending time celebrating all together, I just love that! We have eaten so much since Saturday night that I think it might be time for another brief fast. Here are our lunch tables: 1) Prepared my my wonderful mother-in-law, anything she makes turns into gold, seriously, she makes the most authentic and homemade Greek food I could ever imagine; 2) prepared by our only living yiayia (grandmother), she too has a great talent in the kitchen. I try to get them to teach me how to cook, but they insist that I will learn better then them, I only hope to become as great of a cook as either one of these wonderful ladies. 

Just some Greek coffee and fresh juice on a typical visit to yiayia’s house.

 Our Easter lunch at home in my husband’s parent’s house. Stuffed beefteki, lamb meat skewers, traditional Easter soups, salad, lots of wonderful cheeses and sauces, wine, and of course red eggs to hit together!

A wonderful spread of homemade Easter lunch with my most favorite yiayia around! We ate a wonderful baked chicken with potatoes in a delicious red sauce (I must learn this sauce!), baked goat with greens, the best homemade tyropita, salad, sauces and cheeses, white wine and ouzo, and again some red eggs to crack all together before eating. 

 Even Meli has enjoyed the benefits of the sacrificed lamb and RISEN KING. I am sure she loves being here more now with a garden to run in, chickens to chase, and bones to hide and eat!

We have had our fill of amazing desserts too: chocolate and strawberry cake, syrup sweets, ice creams, rizogalo, chocolate biscuit pudding, ect. . . 
Let’s just say that we are not going without here! Typically, all the families join together outside and roast either a whole lamb or goat and play loud music, lots of drinking, and eat until there is no more room – because Greeks always prepare more than enough food, they will never run out of food! It is even common to join your neighbors or friends throughout Easter Sunday or even Monday for a drink and some meat! 
An incredible way to celebrate with lavish food, drinks, sweets, and surrounded by great company!!!  

Hope you are still enjoying this wonderful holiday season!

Χριστός Ανέστη!
Christ is Risen!


2 thoughts on “Easter continued…

  1. I just love your blog. I'm so intrigued by your life in Greece and have especially enjoyed hearing about all the Easter celebrations. Please keep 'em coming.

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