A trip to the west . . .

West Lesvos, that is. Here are some photos from a trip to Agra and Eressos in the late winter. Agra is one of the villages that I teach English in every Thursday. It is a rich, mountain village that easily lives off the land surrounding it. The people are unique and simple, my kiddos there are pure and lively! It is very common here on the island to encounter a heard of sheep in the road, a man on a donkey, a dozen stray cats or dogs, and/or especially the warm sun shining down on you as you drive on an abandoned road.

There are a few other photos from this trip, if you want to see them, click on my Flikr slideshow and it will take you to my account. There are two sets of pictures, this one from West Lesvos, and the other from our trip to Chios Island! Hope you enjoy, although the island life can be boring, we are truly surrounded by the beautiful and simple life!!! 


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