Breakfast . . .

Greeks generally don’t eat breakfast, but substitute it for about 2-3 cups of strong coffee, most of the time instant. Now that the weather has gotten warm, the famous “frappe” is making its way back in the hands of every passing Greek you see on the street or sitting in a cafe. The most common breakfast foods after coffee are to grab something on the way to the office. In the bigger cities, they have koulouri stands offering a large, light similar-to-a-bagel type of bread. There are also several bakeries and quick food stands that sell either spinach or cheese pies. 
I , on the other hand, have always been a breakfast lover. I love breakfast foods and just getting to start eating in the morning. My mom used to tell me that I would turn into a box of cereal in high school because that was ALL that I ate for dinner. Recently I have become more obsessed with my homemade latte, I finally perfected the recipe and it was so enjoyable! One of my favorite breakfasts before Lent was a breakfast taco with a cup of creamy joe. Zucchini, peppers, a little onion, eggs, feta, and some hot sauce really makes an AMAZING combination. But that was before…
This last week, I have actually managed to stay away from all animal products, quite an accomplishment for a girl like me. I still can’t promise that I will make it the whole 40 days but I am taking it one day at a time. Which brings us to my new favorite breakfast, tahini and honey toast, with cinnamon of course, and a soy latte. 
My confession is that the toast is amazing, I had no idea that I even liked tahini (ground sesame seeds). Tahini for Greeks is what peanut butter is for Americans, and this nutty spread even taste pretty similar too. In my opinion, the combination with honey and cinnamon are unbeatable!!!! However, the soy latte was unbearable to drink. Maybe it was the ridiculously expensive soy milk that I found, because in the past I’ve eaten cereal with soy milk. This particular milk was way too strong for me. Consequently, I have become a tea lady. I have always loved tea, even the idea of afternoon tea time, but for a week straight I have chosen tea over coffee. Although I still crave for my latte (apparently I was totally addicted) I am enjoying this time of change and even feeling a bit more British. 

Have you ever tried tahini? If not, you should very soon. Tahini is a great source of calcium, protein, vitamin E and B vitamins. It also contains many nutritious fatty acids which help maintain healthy skin. These are just a few reasons to try tahini, and once you love it you will see many more reasons to keep eating it.

Kali Orexi. 


One thought on “Breakfast . . .

  1. Jaq, try rice milk…it taste so much better than soy….and yes I like tahini as well… is a requirement for hummus as you know, but I never thought of subbing it for peanut butter!Love,Unk

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