Spiraled Cheese Pie

Greek Pitas
Tyropita is the Greek name for this spirally, cheese filled snack, and it is one of the most common go-to foods here in Greece. You want something for a late breakfast, tyropita; you want something for a little snack, tyropita; you want something for a light evening meal, tyropita… I think you get my point.  You just can’t come to Greece without trying one or three of these, and although I prefer spanikopita or spanikopitakia simply for the extra nutrition benefit of added spinach. 

You can easily make your own tyropita for a party or just for something fun and delicious to snack on next time you are craving something savory. Whether you choose to make it spiraled, cigar shaped, or simply in a cake pan and cut into squares is up to you!

All you need is a package of ready phyllo sheets, a small container of real feta cheese (the block kind with liquid), and a dash of either dried mint or oregano. Some people use a variety of cheeses by mixing a feta with a harder cheese, this is also great tasting. Choose your cheeses, crumble them together, roll out you phyllo, fill, brush with olive oil and roll up and into a spiral (or long cigars). Bake until golden brown, cool, and serve to everyone around! 
It really is easy to make and always a crowd pleaser around this part of the world! Try it and let me know what you think? 

3 thoughts on “Spiraled Cheese Pie

  1. My family, and I, are curious what other cheese people have tried. We do enjoy trying new things but the whole feta cheese issue is still a difficult selling point. I think this is a great opportunity for me to start incorporating it with other cheese that it would mix well with. Thank-you for any suggestions!Kaye

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