Brown Rice Pudding

Greek Sweets
Rizogalo me mavro rizi. 

Everything about this is says Greek to me because Greece was the first place I tried Rizogalo. It was actually in my mother-in-law’s kitchen when V and I were still dating at the time. His parents speak Greek. Did I mention that they speak only Greek! And I do not speak Greek, well, I am trying to learn (teaching myself), but I would say that I am far from fluent. Anyway, back to the amazing rice pudding. I have typically only been fond of rice in Chinese food or maybe with Poppyseed Chicken, so I was a little hesitant when handed a small dish of what V explained to me was rice and milk. Normally, I wouldn’t have chosen such a dessert, but the two things this sweet had going for it were: 1) it was topped with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon; I am in love with all things cinnamon; 2) it was made by my mother-in-law, who is to this day, the best Greek cook I know! Anything she touches turns to gold, or should I say silver since that is her name’s meaning in Greek! And once again she won my approval, the rice pudding soon became a treat that I would enjoy frequently! This is a very popular dessert here in Greece, you can find it at any zaxaroplastio (sweet shop) and even at restaurants and tavernas served as complimentary sweet.  

I would like to introduce you to brown rice pudding, Rizogalo is usually made with white rice, but this recipe was made using brown rice. More fiber, a more dense and chewy bite, and all around a more wholesome flavor.

Brown Rice Pudding Recipe: Makes 4-6 cup size servings
3 cups whole milk (can also use vanilla soy or rice milk)
1/2 cup brown rice
1 T. cornstarch
1/4 -1/2 cup raw sugar (1/2 cup will make the pudding sweet, use less if you prefer)
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. nutmeg, optional
1 egg, slightly beaten
1 tsp. vanilla

Add milk, salt, nutmeg, and rice to a pot and cover. Bring to a slight boil on medium – medium high heat, stirring occasionally. Reduce to medium low and cover, cooking for another 40-45 minutes. Cool slightly and then add sugar, starch, egg, and vanilla, whisking to combine until smooth. Return to heat, cooking more until thickens, maybe about 5 minutes. Pour evenly into individual serving dishes and cool to room temperature, then adding to fridge if you prefer to serve cold. Don’t forget to generously top with cinnamon!!! The result should be a creamy, thick, and slightly sweet pudding with a wholesome flavor. I recommend trying the “classic” version using white rice if this is your first time or you do not generally like the taste of brown rice. Whichever you choose, I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Brown Rice Pudding

  1. you nailed the recipe!im Greek and it took me a few years before i tried it..!photos look great…its always nice to see people interested in greek food!if you need any tips or info let me know!

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