What can I say, except that I have seen more women in Greece with facial hair than men! Almost every woman over the age of 60 (sometimes they even start earlier) have a hairy chin-chin, a mini stache, or BOTH! I pray it is just their genetics and not in the water here. I pretty confident that I could not sport a full-man chew or rather any other kind of unwanted facial hair.

Here is an older woman from a festival…

… Bless her heart! I am sure she is a happy old woman, although you couldn’t tell that either from the look on her face. Imagine if this is only her 5 o’clock shadow, she probably looks upset because she has to go home and shave again!!!

But in all seriousness, maybe it is just the difference of vanity. Here, most of the older women who dress in black are ninja-widows. Okay, so they are just widows but there is a running joke that since all the widows dress in black, then they must actually know how to kung-fu panda your face and hence they are really ninjas in an old, hairy faced disguise. Since you can never be completely sure, it is best for you to not follow any old ladies into alleys at night.



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