Cash Flow


I still have not quite adjusted to the fact that Greece is about 10, sometimes 20, years behind the US when it comes to anything concerning technology. One thing that I find annoying is having to go to the ATM anytime you want to buy something. But I am even more surprised to see Greek people pulling out their wallets unveiling boatloads of cash!

It is the norm here to see the person in front of you at the checkout stand pulling out an entire bankroll of cash to pay for something that maybe only costs 5 euros. I mean everyone from farmers to moms to very old men. This kinda confuses me since Greece is in such a recession. I am pretty sure that people only have enough money to survive on, yet the government is still talking about taking more deductions from salaries and raising the taxes and gas prices. I am slightly scared what is going to happen in the next year if such drastic measures to cover their own asses are being taken out on the people they are liquidating.

Anyway, back on point, I am pretty sure that when Greeks do get paid every two weeks, that they rarely let any of that money sit in a bank, but rather it is carried around with them to spend on bills, food, and a coffee here and there. When visiting a village, don’t expect them to charge it or take your card ā€” you must have cash for everything! Finally though, in the bigger cities they do typically accept visa and other cards, but it is still pretty uncommon to actually see people using these unless it is for a large purchase. I miss buying a candy bar for $0.99 and just handing them my debit card.

Here is a funny picture of Meli I took after I recently got paid at the end of the month.

Again, it is a little weird to me to get paid in cash too. I will have to pay a percentage for taxes later, but for now I am just handed some cash at the end of each month. The good thing is that I always feel like a winner šŸ™‚

PS. I am still extremely thankful for my job everyday. I really enjoying having something to do and building relationships with my kids.

Recently, I was playing a game with my C’Senior class (ages 11-12) and they were making me laugh so hard. It was a simple game too. I took three words from a random category (like vegetables) and I would jumble the letters and write them on the board:


Their job was to raise their hands when they found a word that made a vegetable in English. Simple. But it turned into them all trying to figure the words out loud by just pronouncing all kinds of letters on the board and in their heads. It made for a really entertaining time. Eventually they figured them all out, can you?


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