The Honey Maker.


As we were driving one day, we saw a man “keeping” his bees and checking on the honey. I had my camera, so we eagerly pulled over. He was very kind and talkative, he described to Vasilis the whole process – he then translated.

Honey is a big deal here, it is normal to see white or colorful bee boxes lining the sides of the road where there are either pine trees or wild flowers. Local honey is really delicious too.

Typical bee boxes you will see around.


This isn’t the queen herself, but one of her faithful working bees building up the comb to store honey and the young bees for winter.

This is his smoking gun if you will, he uses this to mellow out the bees before removing the tops and handling them carefully.

As you can see, he is definitely dressed for the occasion, but we were just wearing normal clothes and as long as we were calm and still, the bees didn’t mind or bother us at all.

Here, he showed us the queen. If you look closely, you can see a pile of bees. As he lifted the slat, we saw the queen (she is always the biggest bee) and suddenly, all of the other bees swarmed around and over her to “protect” her from anything or anyone. If the queen dies or leaves, the hive will die shortly after.

This is Kostas, he was extremely helpful and friendly.

I think some day if we ever have enough space, I would really love to have a bee box or two next to our garden in the trees. From each box, Kostas said he gets a couple of kilos of honey!!!! And we all know how delicious fresh, organic honey tastes.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I will enjoy the honey for you.


3 thoughts on “The Honey Maker.

  1. so fun. you get really random live photos. i think i just need to be braver in asking to take "snaps" of people's normal life. i like the snaps. thanks for sharing.

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