Very Trusting…


So, some people here are a little too trusting. We were walking through a village after enjoying some hot chocolate together and noticed many, many doors with the keys still in the doors. This is a common theme even for business owners. Frequently, when I visit the bakery, the doctor, or the local handyman I will see a huge set of keys just left in the door – maybe it is so they don’t lose them, maybe they just really trust people. Another thing to consider is an old greek proverb, “if you keep everything you have with you, then you will be left with half”.

We are not so trusting, but I still like the idea that so many people are around me.

It is also still very common to see children playing and walking through the village alone. This still scares me a bit because I would hate to see anything happen to them, but for now, it is still like we live next to the greek versions of Mr. Rogers, the Brady Bunch, and the Cleaver family (Leave it to Beaver – great show)!


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