Christmas decorations


Vasilis picked me up from school one night last week and we drove past a shop that was entirely lit up with Christmas lights and decorations. I was so pleasantly surprised that I squealed and ask to stop and look. It hadn’t occurred to me before that we would be able to decorate for Christmas. I am not quite sure why not, probably because I assumed it would be too expensive and the selection would be too scarce. Anyway, I went the next morning to pick at least something out to make the house festive on a budget. Here is what I got:

A Table Top Christmas Tree

A beautiful matching wreath, that keeps falling off the door-so was moved to the table… notice my beautiful name day flowers too.

And, a little arsty picture of the tree.

I love having the lights on with music playing, it immediately takes me back to wonderful memories of BIG, LOUD, and DRAMATIC family holidays!!!!!

Tis the Season…


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