The Rejects


Today, I bought a mini package of peanut M&M’s. Sometimes, I just want a little taste of America and the closest I can come to that here usually includes the few junk food items that they import (probably from China and not the US). The funny thing about these things is that they NEVER taste like “home” or at least what I remember what they should taste like, from childhood. Ah heck, who am I kidding, from 11 months ago before I left and used to still eat them as an adult. They have Snickers, Kit-Kats, Mars, Bounty, Oreos, Doritos and Ruffles(but European flavors like TexMex, Ketchup, Oregano, and Salted), and M&M’s which are all way over priced. I really only even like Snickers and M&M’s from this list, thankfully.

Reguardless, I impulsed bought a mini package for .80 euro = this equals to about $1.15 for a total of exactly 20 pieces. That isn’t as overpriced as somethings, but the problem came when I opened them up and poured them into my hand. I looked and looked and couldn’t find a single “normal” M&M. They were all irregualr shaped and sized. I think they are shipping the reject candy here to Greece!!! I wonder if it is because we are quickly going bankrupt?! All I know is that I totally got tricked, and that they certainly didn’t taste like what I was hoping for.

I am probably better off without the tastes of “home” considering they all are my daily recommended calorie allowneces for one serving.


4 thoughts on “The Rejects

  1. First, can you please send it to me too! I dont get good stuff in Africa either.Second, let me share my M&M experience… I have had the good American stuff brought over for me from America. And like any good missionary, I hoard them in my room. Packing them away in an airtight container for just the right moment when I have a "NEED CHOCOLATE NOW!" moment. But then I keep hoarding because that moment seems weak compared to the anticipated "I REALLY need chocolate NOW!" moment. Time passes and by the time I open the wonderful American M&M's, they are a bit off, stale, or have gained a bit of the fruity flavor that has been shared with the hoarded Skittles. It seems it is a bit of a lose lose situation. 🙂

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