Ridiculousness on TV

So, I don’t watch much television here for the obvious reason that it is mostly in another language, but every once in a while I am able to find a show/movie in English with Greek subtitles. If this is a decent show/movie it is always worth watch to me because I can follow the subtitles and even learn more Greek while being entertained.

There is usually a movie on every night beginning at 9pm. The variety of these movies is extreme, I mean there is everything from kids movies – horror – old, ridiculous movies – pretty decent ones. Last night, Rocky II was on and I didn’t watch it.

BUT… any show that is in Greek is always HIGH drama. I can’t really understand what is happening, but I can tell from the poor acting and over exaggerations that they are pretty terrible shows. There are of course weather updates and news just like in the States, but I recently saw two “popular” weather people that show at prime-time television slots, so everyone is watching. I laughed really hard and could not keep these all to myself.

The first is the “Weather Rap Guy” …he actually tries to rap the weather, in greek-lish (greek and english). His catch phrase is, “come on everybody, everybody come on…”.

Youtube Link HERE

The second one is definitely PG-13 or higher. I had to find one where she was actually somewhat decent and I found a “bathing suit shot” normally, she wears lingerie while trying to sound sexy telling you about the forecast. This one is just wrong and way more ridiculous, it just goes to show how much more “open” Europe is than the US.

Looks like the networks will try just about anything for attention, although this is the most ridiculous channel that Greece has, at least that I’ve seen. 


3 thoughts on “Ridiculousness on TV

  1. Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard! I've seen the skanky weather girl before but never the rapping guy! Man Greek TV is SO ridiculous…Keep blogging love your entries! I can so relate!

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