A new blog, kinda.

Update: This is now my official blog site, I tried having two blogs for a while but now you are officially on my MAIN site. . . no other blog exists! Thanks for stopping by!!!

So, I have wanted to do this for a while and although I am quite sure this will not interest the majority of my followers, that is if anyone is still out there reading this blog. I know that I need to do better and write more interesting, exciting stories – I promise you that I will try too from here on out. There is so much about the Greek culture that I haven’t had a chance to share with you, yet I so eagerly want to.

My new blog is, a food blog. A blog of recipes and pictures and reviews. Surprise, surprise, surprise – I know the majority of you out there are NOT surprised in the least, because cooking is also a love of mine, that I talk about often.

The majority will hopefully be traditional Greek recipes, but I have also thrown in some that I just wanted to try and turned out pretty dang good, if I do say so myself. I am challenging myself to get better and better and hopefully even brighten your dinner plans as well!


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