Updated: Greek Parking


Yesterday, I drove to school like any other day and parked in front of the building, again like normal. After my first lesson, I went to my car for my water bottle and as I was walking back to the door I noticed someone stopping behind my car. I thought surely they are just dropping a student off for a lesson and will quickly move on ahead, but in reality a woman (dressed in army attire) literally parked BEHIND me just barely enough that I would be able to leave if I wanted. She then proceeded to walk ACROSS the road to the supermarket, like she had done nothing wrong!

The problem was that there was PLENTY of space not only for her to park next to my car, but for at least 3 cars to park next to me – ON EITHER SIDE!!!!!!! Please see photos for evidence, our car is the silver VW Polo on the right.

Here is a picture of ACROSS and DOWN the street on the corner where there is ALSO PARKING!!!!!!


Normally, I would have pretended that I needed to leave but luckily for her I had to begin my lesson and I really didn’t want to lose my job for possibly yelling at a student’s parent!



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