The Frappe.


It is the national drink of Greece and it apparently goes quite well with a smoke too.

(Sorry to say that I didn’t take this picture, because that would require me to order one of these and that just isn’t going to happen)

Wikipedia says it was invented 1957 in the break room of Nestle employees during the Greek Trade Fair in lack of hot water. A frappé is nothing more complicated than instant coffee, sugar, and a small quantity of cold water shaken vigorously together to produce a thick foam, then poured over ice in a tall glass, and finally topped off with milk or water. You must specify if you would like it “glyko” = sweet, “metrio” = medium, or “sketo” = no sugar.

It is difficult for me to really describe what a frappe tastes like without describing to you the effects that a frappe will have on you. I admit that I am slightly intolerant to caffeine, but this slight sensitivity should only mildly effect me instead of making me convulse. Okay, one time I took midol and was awake until 4am because I didn’t know it had caffeine in it, so maybe I am unusual. My first and only frappe experience was one in Thessaloniki, I made sure it was morning because I heard they were strong. I was really only able to drink 1/2 or maybe 3/4 of it because when Greeks drink frappes, they make it a social 3 hours, I didn’t have that kind of time. To describe it gently I was so wound up, wired, jittery, and twitchy that I don’t remember the hours passing by. Seriously.

When my friend Natalie came to visit, I warned and encouraged her to order a frappe. “You are in Greece and this is totally the national drink” I told her, “oh, and it might be kinda strong”. About 3-4 hours later Nat turns to Erin and I and says, “we gotta eat something, I feel this frap-crap in my legs, they won’t stop shaking”. I rest my case to say that Natalie and I are more latte kind of girls, we prefer some coffee with our milk!

Anywhere you go or anytime you go I guarantee you that you will see at least a dozen greeks drinking a frappe – in a coffee shop, on the go, in the morning, at midnight, in their car, at work, ANYWHERE. And I would guess that 83% of them will be chain smoking while drinking it.

You can’t come to Greece and not at least try one, lots of people actually love them!


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