Dogs and Salsa, two of my favorite things.


So, even though it is not Spring there are still puppies everywhere. I found one in our kinda of backyard that is only a week old. The mom only had one puppy and unfortunately I am not sure if it will make it or not. I have been making sure to feed and water the mom dog so hopefully she in return takes care of her puppy, but the heat is the main issue. The weather is getting hotter and hotter is seems! This week it has been in the low 100’s… yuck!!!

Here is a picture of the newly born puppy!

We also made salsa again today. This time we made double as much, but no one would have known because within maybe 5 minutes it was devoured. Literally gone. Proof is in the pictures:

Meli also recently had a haircut. Since it is sooooo hot here, she is constantly shedding more and more. Shedding in turn leads to more sweeping and mopping, thus the need for a haircut! I was very skeptical at first thinking that she would look like a street mutt, but she is only that much more adorable!

In a few hours we are leaving for a cruise. Okay, actually it is the 10 hour boat ride to Thessaloniki 🙂 We are going to stay one week with Vasilis’ family (my in-laws). I am excited to have a change of scenery and sad to leave behind Meli. Some good friends of ours here in the island said they would keep her for us. It is her first time away and I really hope she does get depressed or mad at us for leaving her for so long. Okay, maybe it is me who is going to get slightly depressed! They are a wonderful little family with a 4 year old boy and a little girl on the way. I know they will be good to her, but like many of you know she is kinda spoiled and Greeks aren’t used to having inside dogs. She will be outside most of the time, but the good thing is dogs can’t tell time. You don’t think she will forget us (and by us I mean me), do you? I really hope not 😦


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