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Homemade Tuna Casserole

A homemade tuna casserole is perfect for a Sunday afternoon or even a Wednesday evening. And this casserole is made with all natural ingredients.

I didn’t use to like fish at all. I disliked it so much in fact, that one day I remember being out to lunch with my mom and step-dad at a great seafood restaurant in Florida and I was at that awkward age where I was basically a little brat and expected that the world should revolve around me. I complained the whole time about the smell of fish and how awful it was and I refused to taste anything. I ended up ruining everyone’s lunch. Years later someone, somehow persuaded me to try their grilled fish and I discovered in my nutrition classes how healthy and beneficially the omega-3 can be, I stared craving fish of all kids. It was somewhat too by then, I had moved from Florida to Tennessee – where there are not too many places to indulge in fresh caught fish.

Hi! My name is Jacquline. Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find some delicious Greek food recipes and enjoy the read along the way! Kali Orexi :)


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