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Ravani Syrup Cake

I personally am not a huge fan of all the Greek syrup sweets, most of the time they are just too sweet. Having said that though, I do like the occasional syrup cake. The two most popular are Ravani and Karydopita (walnut cake). Ravani, that you see here, is a simple semolina cake lightly infused with either lemon or orange zest. Two versions I have grown to love are a coconut Ravani or a cinnamon one, like below! 


Greek Halvas

DSC 0104 Halvas

This is a very simple recipe made of semolina (like a cream of wheat), sugar, and a little oil. It is simple and sweet, and usually blanched almonds or pine nuts are added, but here I used chopped walnuts.

DSC 0108 Halvas

There are two types of halvas, this one made with semolina and another one made from sesame seeds and sometimes cocoa. It is very common in greek culture and quite filling too.

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