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I miss it… so much!

Meli dog I miss it... so much!

It seems like so long ago that she was such a puppy, but when I see pictures it makes me miss her being so small and so cute. The only thing I don’t miss is waking up every 4 hours to take her pee….
it was worth every bit now that she never has accidents inside though icon smile I miss it... so much!

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Curious Meli

See Praying Mantis.

Cinnamon%2BRolls%252C%2Bect%2B004 Curious Meli

Smell Praying Mantis.

Cinnamon%2BRolls%252C%2Bect%2B003 Curious Meli

Play with Praying Mantis.

Cinnamon%2BRolls%252C%2Bect%2B007 Curious Meli

Escaped Praying Mantis.

Cinnamon%2BRolls%252C%2Bect%2B011 Curious Meli

I wish I could have caught a picture when it was in its “praying-yet-I-will-totally-kung fu-karate-kid-you” stance and had all his beautiful colors exposed, but when I grabbed my camera, he was are zen. Maybe next time.

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