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Clean Monday

…also sometimes called Pure Monday is Orthodox’s beginning of Lent fasting, no meat and no cheese – basically vegan! I (personally) am going to try my hardest to participate; fasting from meat will be much easier than dairy for me. Meat here is really expensive anyway, but cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs…. what ever will I do?! 

Today there is also a special bread called “Lagana”. It is basically a flat bread topped with sesame seeds, but I am actually not so sure why it is special today. Maybe it is just from tradition, and tradition must cost a little bit extra too because this was double the price of normal bread.
lagana bread Clean Monday

Other than that, I decided to make lentils. They are a delicious, healthy, and quick soup to throw all together for a very satisfying meal.

Epiphany 2011

     Epiphany means the “appearance” or “manifestation” of Christ as the son of God. This is the 3rd most important celebration (following Easter and then Christmas) that is also called, Theophany meaning “God shining forth”. 
DSC 0086 Epiphany 2011

       For Eastern Christians, the epiphany celebrates Christ’s baptism in the Jordan River (by St. John the Baptist) marking the moment when all three (God’s voice speaking, the Spirit descending as a dove, and Jesus in the water) were revealed and manifested as ONE . For Western Christians, the epiphany celebrates when the Magi visited baby Jesus. But both, celebrate and proclaim the incarnation!

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