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spanakopitakia 2 Spanakopitakia

Now that is a fun word to say: spanakopitakia, spanakopitakia, SPANAOPITAKIA!!!These are wonderful little treats to have around the house or to make for a party, just grab and go! They are just a little more work than making a big spanakopita, but the extra step of folding each one individually makes for a nice change (and sometimes of a less mess when eating too).You will follow the same recipe as Spanakopita but instead of layering in a dish, you will roll into individual triangles. Easy Peasy.

Greek 7 Layer Dip

Greek 7 layer dip Greek 7 Layer Dip

I almost always have enough Greek ingredients in my fridge to toss together a Greek salad or put a “Greek spin” on something typically American. Some common staples in my fridge and pantry are - but not limited to-  plain, nonfat Greek yogurt we buy it in bulk, bell peppers, seedless cucumbers, ripe tomatoes – in the winter I always get the cherry tomatoes; they are the only ones that still taste like a tomato, white, red, and sweet potatoes , red onions, fresh and/or frozen spinach, feta cheese, kefalotyri -a type of hard cheese you grate, kalamata olives, garlic, Greek oregano, fresh dill – or blended fresh dill in a tube, mint - dry or fresh, bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, pita bread or chips, chickpeas or premade hummus, fresh lemons, mountain honey, frozen phyllo, ouzo, and of course tons of olive oil. 

Feta and Dill Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Meatloaf Feta and Dill Turkey Meatloaf



Sometimes it is just nice to throw together a delicious and easy meal. Well, this Greek inspired American classic is a wonderful take on the traditional meatloaf. Made with ground turkey you can serve something lighter yet still flavor packed with the addition of feta cheese and dill weed. It pairs perfect with potatoes and/or a Greek salad!


Feta and Dill Turkey Meatloaf Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart
Printable Recipe
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
1 small red onion, diced small
2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

Feta Stuffed Green Peppers

Finally we are safe and sound in Florida. Our 2 day trip turned into a 3 day journey, but thankfully everyone along the way was really helpful and friendly. The first leg from Thessaloniki to Istanbul was delayed 4 1/2 hours, so by the time we landed (in the rain), got our luggage and dog, found our taxi, and got checked into the hotel it wasn’t worth going downtown. We were completely wiped out from the delays and stress of taking our dog along with us, but we were really happy that our hotel was so nice. We wanted to stay somewhere between the airport and downtown, so we chose Novotel (Istanbul). We also hired a taxi service to pick us up and drop us off – we had 3 suitcases, 1 dog, 1 kennel, and 3 carry on bags. Backpackers Travel (Istanbul) was awesome!!! For about the same price as grabbing a taxi outside, they sent a van and driver to the airport and the hotel the next morning. Besides the rain and ridiculous traffic the night we landed, their service was exceptional and I would recommend using anytime in Istanbul! Like I said before, our hotel was 4 star, and maybe we are just used to the budget friendly 2 star hotels but this one was pure luxury. We were treated like VIPs the whole time and the staff and accommodation was really great! We ended up just ordering room service and relaxing in the room. As much as we would have loved to see the city, we are glad we rested and plan to go back someday! PS. If you ever go to Istanbul, please know that Americans are subjected to a $20 visa – this is good to know before you stand in the customs check line like I did! 

Leek Pie with Whole Wheat Phyllo

Let me explain something before we get to this amazingly simple and delicious recipe. When Americans hear the word “pita” they think of a soft, pocket-like sandwich holder. But when Greeks hear the word “pita” they think of a phyllo encased, typically pizza sliced shaped, pie filled with spinach, cheese, and/or other greens and vegetables. I guess it could be more correctly translated as a cheese or vegetable pie made with phyllo. Either way it is a delight to have around the house and a great way to add some extra fiber and nutrition.

Hi! My name is Jacquline. Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find some delicious Greek food recipes and enjoy the read along the way! Kali Orexi :)


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