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Simple Coffee Cake

Now coffee cake doesn’t actually have coffee in it, but it is ideal to eat while drinking a cup of your favorite joe! It must be the pairing of roasted coffee beans and sweet brown sugar cinnamon that not only fill your house with home warming smells but all the way down to your heart.

Coffe Cake22 Simple Coffee Cake

I love enjoying coffee cake on the weekend, with or without guests. And I love when my husband wakes up to the sweet aroma of cinnamon and coffee, he follows his nose to the kitchen with the biggest smile on his face!

The Greek Frappe

Now that it is practically summer here in Greece, everywhere you look there are frappes. Whether you are passing by a coffee shop, there you will find many Greeks enjoying the sun and their frappes; whether shopping in a store or two, you are sure to find the workers sipping their frappes; or relaxing on the beach and savoring each sip. This is by FAR the most popular drink in Greece and I have yet to meet a Greek (besides my husband) that does not drink at least 2-5 PER DAY!!!  They are still too strong for me to this day despite how obsessed otherseveryone else seems to be with them!
frappe square+9 The Greek Frappe
I must admit though, that it is one of the easiest drinks to make: coffee, water, and a cup with a lid… plus sugar and milk if you are fancy! It is uniquely characterized by its thick, creamy foam that you get by either shaking or using an electric wand. They are so easy to make and so popular, that they can even be bought at corner kiosks and made simply on the go by adding a little water, shaking until you have a foam and adding the remaining water.

In addition to a recipe (below), you must also know how to order a frappe when coming to Greece. Whether you take a lot or a little sugar with your coffee or even prefer it plain, it is all said in one simple word:

Hi! My name is Jacquline. Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find some delicious Greek food recipes and enjoy the read along the way! Kali Orexi :)


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