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Merry Christmas!!!

This Christmas will be our very first one as a married couple, and we will be spending it just the 2 of us (and Meli) here in Lesvos. We wanted to make a trip to see V’s parents, but there was a small and unfortunate ship accident (involving an oil spill). And all the boat routes were cancelled until further notice.
So… we will begin our own traditions.
Today has been very relaxing, we slept in (until 8am) and then went for some grocery shopping, since everything will be closed the next few days. This afternoon we went for a long walk with Meli, the weather was delightfully in the low 70′s, and since Meli decided to play in the mud, she got a Christmas Eve bath! Tonight, we plan to make popcorn and/or hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie! Sounds pretty great considering we are miles apart from our friends and family who we wish we could be near.

I also want to share with you some of the traditions for Christmas here in Greece. On Christmas Eve morning, all the children (especially in the villages, like ours) get into small groups with their friends, each playing a triangle or small drum, and go door to door (homes and shops) singing Christmas carols. When they first enter, it is customary to ask, “Na ta poume;” – “May we sing for you?” to make certain that no one is in mourning. Some of the children even carry around small ships in honor of St. Basil who came to Greece by sea from his home in Caesarea to bring presents to the children. The ships today hold the money or sweets given to the children for singing.
As we were shopping this morning, we saw many eager kids racing from shop to shop, as if it were a competition. It brought a smile to my face to see children still caroling. I even saw quite a few of my students, here are a few of them below.


Greek Christmas Sweets.

Please visit my update recipe and pictures of this recipe here. Thank you!

Melomakarona%2B1 Melomakarona

These are one of two traditional Christmas sweets made all over Greece. They are a simple, delicious syrup cookie made with fresh juice, zest, and cinnamon and spices. Once baked they are crunchy, but after a light syrup bath and topped with nuts, they are transformed into a decadent Greek sweet.

Melomakarona%2B2 Melomakarona

Christmas decorations

Vasilis picked me up from school one night last week and we drove past a shop that was entirely lit up with Christmas lights and decorations. I was so pleasantly surprised that I squealed and ask to stop and look. It hadn’t occurred to me before that we would be able to decorate for Christmas. I am not quite sure why not, probably because I assumed it would be too expensive and the selection would be too scarce. Anyway, I went the next morning to pick at least something out to make the house festive on a budget. Here is what I got:

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