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Simple Coffee Cake

Now coffee cake doesn’t actually have coffee in it, but it is ideal to eat while drinking a cup of your favorite joe! It must be the pairing of roasted coffee beans and sweet brown sugar cinnamon that not only fill your house with home warming smells but all the way down to your heart.

Coffe Cake22 Simple Coffee Cake

I love enjoying coffee cake on the weekend, with or without guests. And I love when my husband wakes up to the sweet aroma of cinnamon and coffee, he follows his nose to the kitchen with the biggest smile on his face!

Ravani Syrup Cake

I personally am not a huge fan of all the Greek syrup sweets, most of the time they are just too sweet. Having said that though, I do like the occasional syrup cake. The two most popular are Ravani and Karydopita (walnut cake). Ravani, that you see here, is a simple semolina cake lightly infused with either lemon or orange zest. Two versions I have grown to love are a coconut Ravani or a cinnamon one, like below! 

Carrot and Pineapple Cake

Things have been busy the last few days here, we have and are trying to jump through all the right hoops to ensure that everything is in place for the transfer abroad. And let me be the first one to say that hoops are not always so easy to jump through, and I will be so relieved once we step on American soil. There is still a lot that needs to happen before we get there, and we are walking forward by faith alone!

Homemade Fig Cake

Figs are very popular here in Greece, especially during August! But if you are like me, there are just so many figs you can eat alone. I am sure that there are tons of recipes that you could add figs to including jams, breads, spreads, and cakes. I came across this great little recipe a long time ago and have been waiting to flourish in fresh figs to make it. It was so easy to put together and the taste was simple yet full.

I thought it was quite good for breakfast, and paired nicely with a little espresso!

Easy Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Well, forget my last post of not always getting what you want because it looks like we are moving after all; NOT to the US (yet) but we are changing houses here on the island. I am getting really excited for the 1st to hurry up and get here already! We decided after MUCH back and forth finally because sometimes quality of life is worth not having those few extra bucks euros, right? Well, I sure hope so icon smile Easy Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

I can’t wait to show you pictures of my new kitchen too, besides going from a 2 room house, we will now have 2 bedrooms (for you to all come visit!), 2 bathrooms, a living room, small office, and a dining room table (have I ever mentioned that we eat holding our plates, usually on the couch?!) We will most definitely feel like a king and queen in our new home, and even though we will not be able to afford any outside luxury – our home is sure to become a place of peace and comfort, not to mention full of SPACE!!!!!

Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Strawberries

I have been trying to cut back on sugar and refined carbs these last coupe of weeks because in 32 days I will be standing in a short little dress on the beach while by best friend gets married to a wonderful man!

I have a problem though. I don’t like being told what to do or what I can and cannot have, even from myself icon smile Vanilla Chiffon Cake with Strawberries Diets do not work for me, only exercise and nutrition do and we all know those take the longest to see results. I like desserts but don’t crave them unless I am trying to avoid them… can anyone else relate or am I just a little crazy?!

Walnut Syrup Cake with Vanilla Creme Filling

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, and although Greeks don’t really celebrate birthdays, THIS American girl surely does!!! V requested strawberry cake but there were no strawberries to be found yet on the island, maybe in a couple of weeks. Instead, I made a double layer walnut cake and filled it with his favorite vanilla creme (instant and hassle free)!

Returning Home and a Cheesecake Recipe!

We arrived back home at four o’clock this morning after a very long and somewhat perilous trip all around Greece! We took the ship last week (anywhere from 10-13 hours long) from Lesvos to Kavala, drove to Halkidiki (stayed  a week), drove all the way to Athens, and took the ship back to Mytilene, I think we covered some serious ground.

TEXAS Sheet Cake

I am from Texas and I love chocolate cake! That sounds like a Chocoholics confession.
Well, what better of a recipe to share with you other than Texas Sheet Cake. This is a huge, moist, rich chocolate cake with a touch of cinnamon (my favorite) and most of all from the great country state of TEXAS!!!
Texas sheetcake flag TEXAS Sheet Cake

Now, I like sheet cake but if you ask my mom, aunts, or Nana… they would tell you how much they adore it. It is a very requested and well used recipe in my family, maybe only second to homemade Belgian Waffles! Let’s just say my mom has been known to sneak into people’s houses to steal a couple pieces of cake when no one was looking!

Banana Cake . . . TWO WAYS!!!

Do you like bananas? Do you love banana bread but sometimes get tired of the same old recipe? Well, I have two wonderful recipes to share with you! Whether you are a simple banana crumb cake lover or if you crave for something a little darker and richer, a chocolate banana cake! Both are incredibly delightful icon smile Banana Cake . . . TWO WAYS!!!
banana cake slice Banana Cake . . . TWO WAYS!!!
Simple Banana Crumb Cake Recipe:
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup oat flour (simple ground oats)
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 cup butter, softened
2/3 cup sugar (1/3 brown; 1/3 white)
2 eggs
1 cup bananas, mashed
1/2 cup yogurt
1-2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup chopped, toasted walnuts, optional
1/2 – 1 cup chocolate chips, optional

Crumb Topping:
3/4 cup oats
1/3 cup sugar (light brown) 
1/2 -1 tsp. cinnamon
dash of salt
2 Tbsp. butter, melted
1/4 cup nuts, chopped, optional

Preheat oven to 350°. Mix all of the dry ingredients together, I prefer to use a fine hand colander. Cream butter and sugars until fluffy, then slowly add eggs one at a time. Scrape the bowl well and sift 1/2 of the dry mix and fold until moistened. Slowly keep folding in the bananas, yogurt, and vanilla.  Add the remaining dry mix and gently fold until just well mixed, finally add the nuts and/or chips if you choose to do so. Pour into a cake round/square pan that has been either buttered well or parchment added.

Carrot and Zucchini Cake

I am sure you have had either carrot cake, zucchini bread, or maybe even chocolate zucchini cake, but have you ever had a carrot AND zucchini cake? Have you ever had one so delicious and yet so full of nutrition too? Well, I am here to share this astonishing cake with you. I had a dilemma of not being able to decide which cake/bread to make, when it occurred to me, “Why not use both?”, so I did.
The result was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!! 
cake overview  Carrot and Zucchini Cake
I found a recipe online but won’t bother sharing the source because I ended up changing it so much, that it wouldn’t even make sense. I typically like to make things a bit healthier if I can, sometimes the result is mediocre and sometimes it is just as good, this time though, it was marvelous! I would recommend this cake one hundred times over and over! 
Carrot AND Zucchini Cake Recipe:
1/3 cup oil (I use EVOO)
2/3 cup brown sugar
2/3 cup white sugar
4 eggs
3/4 cup yogurt (I use Greek, but I am sure you can use any regular plain yogurt)
1 1/2-3/4 cups AP flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 T. cocoa
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 – 1 tsp. clove, all spice, nutmeg 
1 1/2 T. ginger syrup (or sub 1/2 -1 tsp. powdered ginger)
2 cups shredded carrots (about 5 medium)
1 1/2 cups shredded zucchini (about 1 large) 
1/2 – 3/4 cup toasted walnuts (optional)
1/2 – 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips
bite of cake  Carrot and Zucchini Cake
Get out all the ingredients you will be using, and preheat your oven to 350°/175°. Clean and shred the veggies and sift the dry flours and spices together. Grease either a bundt, cake pan, or (2) 9″ round baking pans and set aside. Toast the walnuts if using and break into small pieces, set aside. Using a stand or handheld mixer, beat the oil and sugars together well, then, slowly add the eggs. Now, using a large rubber spatula fold in the yogurt, carrots, and zucchini until well incorporated. Slowly add the dry mix by thirds and continue folding until just wet and mixed. Lastly, add the walnuts and chips (if you are using) and pour the batter into the pan(s) evenly. Bake until a knife removes clean from cake when pierced. Cooking times range from a bunt pan – 1 hour, 9″ pans – 20-25 minutes, or a cake pan – 30-40 minutes, but watch closely because I have only used the bundt pan so far. Cool and then drizzle or frost with icing, or serve plain. 
Cream Cheese Icing
(I usually have some already made in the freezer, then it is ready to defrost and  use for a little drizzle or icing here and there) I eyeball the ingredients based on the consistency I want, but I am sure you can use any icing you choose. I include a little butter, cream cheese, vanilla, a little espresso, and a lot of powdered sugar. Just remember that the more wet you use, the more dry you will need, so start off little! I love the addition of espresso flavor, but it is completely optional. 
double cake  Carrot and Zucchini Cake

Please change the recipe to suite your own preferences or try it just as it is, I can still remember the flavorful and slightly sweet taste when I close my eyes, and I wish so badly I had another piece here to enjoy for breakfast! I mean it totally has veggies in it, why not eat it for breakfast!  Let me know what you think, I always appreciate comments and hearing from you! Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more. 

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Italian. Wedding. Cake.

Maybe the three best words in the English language, and if you put them together… maybe the most delicious thing in the whole world! Italian + Wedding + Cake = Amazingly wonderful!!!

DSC 0024 Italian. Wedding. Cake.

That is how long I have been married to my handsome, funny, wonderful, and ever so talented husband. The past year has indescribably flown by, and now we eagerly begin our adventure of year two!

To commemorate our anniversary we are taking a small trip to the island of Chios, south 3 hours by boat. We will be gone for a few days and I am excited to explore, take pictures, and celebrate “us” icon smile Italian. Wedding. Cake. -


New Years Day Cake … 2011

Greece has a wonderful tradition of making a cake with a hidden coin and cutting it on New Year’s Eve. The “Vasilopita” commemorates a miracle performed by St. Basil while serving as a bishop. The legend varies as to how St. Basil became the guardian of all the gold, silver, and jewelry of Caesarea. There became much confusion upon returning the riches, and everyone began to get upset. St. Basil suggested that the women bake cakes and put the coins inside. When the cakes were cut, everyone found the exact money they were due!

Vasilopita%2B2 Vasilopita
Today a single coin is baked into each cake to remember the miracle, and whomever finds the coin is considered blessed for the new year! Cool, eh?

Vasilopita Vasilopita
So, anytime a family or group is gathered (on New Years or following weeks after) they cut a Vasilopita. First, the cake is given the sign of the cross with three fingers (representing the Trinity) for a blessing. Second, the first three pieces are always cut 1st for Christ, 2nd for Mary, 3rd for St. Basil. Next follows with the eldest family members or honored guests. It is always very exciting for the blessed person finding the coin!

Vasilopita%2B3 Vasilopita
This year I made our Vasilopita Cake, and it was delicious!!! We toasted with some champagne and enjoyed bringing the new coming year with a touch of sweetness.

Vasilopita%2B4 Vasilopita

All the way from Lesvos, Greece … we wish you a very blessed New Year 2011. May you strive to be the person God has made you to be, may He lead you in each step you take, may you listen closely for His voice and follow, may you choose to find the love, joy, peace, and patience in everything God allows to come across your path, and may this build your faith and wisdom every day of 2011. Our coin was in Christ’s piece, I guess that means we will all be blessed this year as long as we are following Him!

Vasilopita Vasilopita

Vasilopita Recipe (Makes one large round cake or two smaller cakes)
4 cups flour, sifted (I use 1/2 cups whole wheat)
2 T. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon or all spice
1 cup butter, softened 
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
1-2 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 cups milk
zest of 1 lemon or orange
Confectioner’s sugar 
1 coin (cleaned and wrapped in foil)

Preheat oven to 350°F and butter or line your round cake pan. Sift dry ingredients in small bowl and cream butter and sugar in another bowl. Add eggs to sugar mixture gradually, then stirring in vanilla and zest. Alternately mix in the dry ingredients with the milk, beginning and ending with the milk. Bake for 40-45 minutes, remove and cool on rack. Decorate with powdered sugar and or icing.

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Spitiko Keik me Portokali

Homemade Cake with Orange

DSC 0140 Spitiko Keik me Portokali

This is a very simple and easy cake to make, and it is probably one of the most common here in Greece. You can change the flavor of the cake by using half cocoa to make a marble cake or even using another fruit zest of your preference. Here, I used the whole wheat version and added orange zest.

DSC 0129 Spitiko Keik me Portokali

It is big enough to share and it stays incredibly moist for a few days if you choose not to share and keep it all yourself.

DSC 0099 Spitiko Keik me Portokali


Hi! My name is Jacquline. Welcome to my blog. I hope you will find some delicious Greek food recipes and enjoy the read along the way! Kali Orexi :)


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