Places in Greece

Some of the wonderful places I have visited in Greece!

Lefkada, Greece

I am safe and sound in Greece after 24 hours of traveling and a small side trip with my wonderful husband. I have gotten to travel some within Greece, but there are still so many wonderful places we haven’t been yet either. I think one could spend a year just traveling in Greece – mainland and the thousands of islands – and still not see all the beautiful hidden jewels of this country. There are a total of 6,000 islands and islets of Greece, but only 227 of those islands are inhabited – and only 78 or so have more than 100 people living on them. Each island and even city is known for something unique and special from that area and there are hundreds of different village accents depending on where you are traveling.

A trip to west Lesvos

West Lesvos, that is. Here are some photos from a trip to Agra and Eressos in the late winter. Agra is one of the villages that I teach English in every Thursday. It is a rich, mountain village that easily lives off the land surrounding it. The people are unique and simple, my kiddos there are pure and lively! It is very common here on the island to encounter a heard of sheep in the road, a man on a donkey, a dozen stray cats or dogs, and/or especially the warm sun shining down on you as you drive on an abandoned road.
To+Erresos++319 A trip to west Lesvos

To+Erresos++321 A trip to west LesvosTo+Erresos++323 A trip to west Lesvos
To+Erresos++325 A trip to west Lesvos
To+Erresos++332 A trip to west Lesvos

To+Erresos++341 A trip to west LesvosTo+Erresos++342 A trip to west Lesvos

To+Erresos++337 A trip to west Lesvos

To+Erresos++345 A trip to west Lesvos

There are a few other photos from this trip, if you want to see them, click on my Flikr slideshow and it will take you to my account. There are two sets of pictures, this one from West Lesvos, and the other from our trip to Chios Island! Hope you enjoy, although the island life can be boring, we are truly surrounded by the beautiful and simple life!!! 

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Chios Island

Chios is the 5th largest Greek island and is located in the northeast of the Aegean Sea, a mere 4 miles from the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey). This island is renowned for their unique mastic gum and beautiful Medieval villages.

Hiking in Lesvos

Last+Import+ +03 Hiking in Lesvos

Recently we have been hiking on the weekends. There are two hiking clubs here and they go every Sunday, rain or shine. And as hard-core as that sounds, it may or may not surprise you to learn that it was a very relaxing hike. The hiking was a total of about 6-7 hours, and that included about an hour or so picnic. There were about 35 of us total (this time it was both groups together) and we pretty much stayed in a casual line. We all chit-chatted but I never really connected or made any new friends. At one point, we stopped to let the rest of the slower hikers catch up, but while we waited for half an hour there was a handful of “hikers” that decided it was a great smoke break time! Isn’t this ridiculous… I could not get over the fact that they actually lit up while so called “intense” exercising! I was even more baffled when one guy was arguing how smoking has never truly been proven to be harmful to your health.

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