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I am so excited and I hope you will be too. I really haven’t been blogging like I want or should be since moving here to Florida, and I could explain to you a dozen excuses why but it all boils down to one: my set up just wasn’t working.

I could never seem to catch the right lighting or sometimes any natural light  with my new schedule. But in the land of plenty it is easy to find/make affordable solutions to fix almost any problems you face.

No natural light + DIY light-box = Problem solved!

light box 764x1024 My New Lightbox

I think I still need to work out a few details but I am really looking forward to playing with it and sharing some of the great new recipes I have been experimenting with!

Here is my first quick shot I snapped tonight after getting it all set up. It was taken at 9pm with the sun set and no natural light needed.

lemons My New Lightbox

Don’t get me wrong, nothing really compares to photographing in natural light, especially in the a.m. before it starts turning yellow. But if you can’t have natural light, this IS the next best thing!

More delicious recipes to follow…

PinExt My New Lightbox

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