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I wanted to share with you some of the things I really missed in Greece and some of the wonderful new things I am so glad to have now!

I really missed:

Freezer bags, as crazy as it sounds the quality of bags available were in no way comparable to freezer bags here!

Vinegars. I like to use a variety of vinegar for cooking and cleaning, but the options were quite limited in Greece, at least on the island!

Snacking Nuts and Dried Fruit. One of my favorite go to snacks is dried nuts and fruits, but they were SO expensive in Greece – more expensive than they are here! But I am happy to have access to Costco, that is a great place to buy quality products in bulk!

American spices! I missed the endless variety and availability of spices in the US. Even if you need something exotic, you are able to find it here. And if you just want something common, you can once again buy it in bulk! Oh, how I love cinnamon icon smile New and Missed Things

Peanut butter, frozen fruit, and all canned products!!! The isles here are packed full of endless amounts and variety of these things and I missed each and every one of them! Especially the convenience they offer to my life now!

As far as my two favorite new items, I am so happy to add the “Misto” oil spritzer and “Better than Bouillon” to my almost daily go to items when cooking!

The misto spritzer is just so handy to have around. I simply fill it with olive oil and pump a few times to produce a fine mist that evenly coats my pans with no additives! I love it and recommend one 100%.

I have recently discovered that restaurants tend to use something similar to “Better than Boullion” for their soup, sauce, cream, and marinade bases! This organic stock base is actually a real stock, made from real ingredients, simply condensed! It comes in chicken, beef, seafood (lobster, I think) and vegetable! I love it!

Visalis Soy Protein. This is a delicious, nutritious soy protein powder that adds loads of nutrition to your life! I am using it as a weight loss product and I know others who simply add it to their smoothies for increased nutrition. Their slogan is pretty accurate, “it’s the shake mix, that taste like cake mix”

I would really love to hear of any kitchen products that you couldn’t live without either, whether something old or something new – something borrowed, something blue icon smile New and Missed Things Share with us your favorite kitchen product!

PinExt New and Missed Things

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5 Responses to “New and Missed Things”

  • Artemis:

    Peanut Butter, Pepperoni and Vanilla Extract were first three items I thought of.
    Love Peanut Butter, but the American brands are expensive here. They may have all sorts of salami, but I love pepperoni! with cheese, on pizza, or alone. Vanilla extract comes in powdered form here and doesn’t have quite as much flavor as liquid extract (McCormack’s). These are three items usually found in suitcase of family or friends when they visit! :) The list of course can go on! :)

  • Have you tried King Arthur Flour? It is my favorite for any baking recipe. It really is so much better than other brands of flour. They have a great web site, too! :-)

  • Angela:

    Jacquline- I love this post. I can so relate to all the things you missed. I can’t wait to have access to canned food (black beans), sour cream, and basically any type of Mexican food product. I also definitely miss the variety America has to offer all in one store.

  • Penelope:

    I agree with you on “Better than Bouillon.” I use it for soups, gravies, to mix with the cats’ food, to drink before bedtimes. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil is another can’t-do-without all-around great-tasting and great-cooking oil from the USA. I recently tried Corto EVOO from Calif and it has a fresh taste and smell that makes me want to sneak a teaspoon every once in a while. Recently found a product I just love, and Greece is the reason I was searching for it. I can’t get the tomatoes of Greece out of my mind, or my taste buds. The grocery market tomatoes here just don’t have much acid or much taste. So I sprinkle sliced tomatoes with “TRUE Lemon” made by True Citrus in Baltimore.

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