90 days to a New Me!

PinExt 90 days to a New Me!

I went “running” today, if you could call it that; it was actually more of me wheezing and  breaking into a walk every 2 minutes. It didn’t use to be that way either. I remember the days when I could lace up and easily go run for an hour or on a good day and hour and a half. When I finished, I simply floated over the next few hours from my runner’s high!

These days it is a completely different story. Ever since the Greek 30 (similar to the freshman 15), when my exercise when down and my carbs went up, the weight has just seemed to stick around. Don’t get me wrong, the Mediterranean diet is a great one when you are able to afford to buy fish, lean meats, fresh produce, and whole grains. But we supplemented with grains and extra grains! And then there were desserts to help me feel better about not running, but we all know how that story ends, don’t we icon smile 90 days to a New Me!

So, I ran today and I will run tomorrow, but I am also starting a 90 day challenge. I am going to do it the old fashioned way too, diet and exercise!  I have seen several peoples’ lives change and I want mine to be the next! I am starting today for once, not tomorrow – tomorrow never seems to come!

By no means am I trying to “sell” you on something, this is just something I am committing to and I want to share this journey with you! I want to be able to feel good about someone taking out their camera for a group picture, I want to leave the store confident when shopping for a new pair of jeans, I really want to dance around in a ba-kini this summer, and I really can’t wait to get back my runner’s high!

I am going to post updates as I transform my life back into what I want it to be, and I hope to share some wonderful healthy recipes along the way too!

If you are curious about what exactly my 90 day challenge is, check out all the hipe here at Body by Vi. Feel free to email me with any questions along the way, and I am so eager to share with you my before/after pictures in July!


PinExt 90 days to a New Me!

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3 Responses to “90 days to a New Me!”

  • maurine:

    Greek 30! LOL I can imagine. Good luck on getting back in shape. I need to exercise more, but It’s not exactly something I love.

  • I miss the runner’s high too! I’ve been a slacker for years, and my dog and I need the exercise. ;)

    Good luck to you. Your blog is one of my favorites, and I particularly enjoyed your “About Me” love story. :)

  • Anna:

    It just seems to be the way, doesn’t it? It was so much easier for me to run and be in shape before when I was younger. Good luck with the 90 day challenge!

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