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When I think about America’s Independence Day, I think about fireworks and watermelon. There really is something special about playing in the sun all day with family and friends and then enjoying some cold, juicy watermelon as the sun sets and the first fireworks begin to sparkle!

watermelon feta Watermelon and Feta

Greeks celebrate their Independence a bit different, and although it isn’t as popular to eat watermelon in March, if they did it would most definitely be with a slice or two of feta cheese. I was introduced to this strange combination one hot summer after a wonderful lunch. The watermelon was perfectly sweet and juicy, and the feta was cold and a bit salty. I guess it is similar to eating cheese and grapes, but with a whole different flavor combination. Have you ever eaten or would you ever eat watermelon and feta? Well, maybe you should try it in honor of the heros who fought for the freedom of Greece.

March 25th celebrates Greece’s Independence day from the occupation of the Ottoman Turks. After the fall of the empire in 1453, and nearly 400 years of slavery, a revolution from 1821 to 1832 was finally successful. Greeks and many of her allies fought for “Freedom or Death”, although many did fight to their death and tens of thousands other were slain.

All over the globe yesterday, Greeks joined together to remember and honor this triumph in history. And it was a very proud day in Tarpon Springs as well. The annual parade brought lots of viewers to watch and cheer on the decorated floats  and students marching. Our school, Plato Academy, represented very well with lots of smiling faces and waving hands!

photo 42 1024x764 Watermelon and Feta

We had a great time waving our flags and greeting those who joined us in celebration. And when we returned home, I was ironically craving watermelon. I am not Greek enough to eat mine with feta but my husband does enjoy the combination! The rest of the day, we relaxed and soaked in the Spring air. Summer is right around the corner, are you as ready as I am?

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PinExt Watermelon and Feta

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