Pork Chops and Cinnamon Apples

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Mmmm… I hope those chops and apples caught your attention! Although they were not a very colorful lunch, they were certainly delicious!!!

We don’t eat meat very often here on the island, mostly because it is just really expensive, but pork is one of the more affordable choices. I (personally) am not a huge fan of anything pig — unless it is a Cuban sandwich, the Florida girl in me just loves those – but my husband enjoys every savory bite. Since he loves them, I love to make them for him, and pork is one of the easiest meats to cook. Especially, lightly battered and fried pork chops!

I think we can also all agree that if you are going to eat something fried, you want to wash it down with some wonderful homemade mashed potatoes – another one of my husband’s favorites. He calls them smashed potatoes (with a Greek accent), cute isn’t it! Cinnamon apples accompanied this plate wonderfully. It was as if they were all made to go together, protein + starch + fruit and sugar = satisfaction!

The recipes were super easy and this could very conveniently be a weeknight meal, ready in 20-30 minutes start to finish!

pork chop plate2+1 Pork Chops and Cinnamon Apples

The meat and potatoes don’t really have a measured recipe per say, I just kind of put them together. I can tell you that I washed, dried, and cut a few slits in the fatty areas. Next, I simply salt/pepper the raw pork chops. In a separate bowl or deep plate, I mixed together a few tablespoons of flour with a few shakes of garlic powder, seasoned salt (or salt free mix), and cayenne. Dust off any extra flour and let rest while your oil heats up. I always use olive oil for everything, about 1/4 – 1/2″ in a larger non-stick skillet. Fry them about 2-3 minutes each side and set them on some kitchen paper to soak up any extra oil. Simple yet impressive.

The mashed potatoes are even more simple. Peel and slice your potatoes evenly, add to your salted water and bring to a boil. Once potatoes are tender to a fork, falling apart when pierced, drain in the sink. Leave potatoes in strainer and add some milk and butter to the pan (with the heat off, gas stove on low) just until warm and melted. Return the potatoes to the pot with some extra salt and pepper and use an old fashioned hand masher to go to town on those tators!!! If you do not want any lumps, press through a sieve. Simple yet irreplaceable.

fried porks apples+5 Pork Chops and Cinnamon Apples

Cinnamon Apples Recipe: Printable Recipe
2 cups of apples, peeled, cored, and sliced (apple variety you would normally eat) 
1 T. brown sugar
1 T. white sugar
1 spoonful of syrup or honey
Several dashes of cinnamonAdd to a large microwave safe bowl and cook for 3-5 minutes, depending on the heat of your microwave. Stop midway and stir. Once they are tender, you should have a glaze, if you want to thicken the glaze add a very little cornstarch. Otherwise, serve warm with your pork chops and mashed potatoes or substitute for a green salad with dinner and serve over vanilla ice cream for dessert!!! Either way is a win-win situation! This is a fast and delicious meal just waiting for you.

In other news, I REALLY REALLY appreciate all of your feedback and helpful advice. I don’t think one person said anything negative, a huge encouragement to me for sure! After much back and forth, I have decided to go with my own domain and new blog site, I hope to launch it in the next week and I really hope you will make the change with me. I am going to take a lot of your advice and make my blog a more personal, share more about the village and island where we live, and post more pictures of food and life in general here.

Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions. I have selected a random comment winner and….

The winner for a small prize from Lesvos is comment #22 – Anna  

“What drew me to your blog and made me bookmark it was that you had truly authentic Greek cuisine recipes. It’s hard to find blogs with a collection of such recipes and as others have said already, your stories also add to your blog’s uniqueness so definitely don’t change this (imo). I also think your photography is very good, very light and crisp. If anything, you might want to get a shot or two of ‘tricky’ steps in the recipes which might be a bit out of the norm (for people who aren’t as familiar with cooking or baking techniques). And I like that along with your Greek recipes you do have non-Greek recipes, I think it’s a good way to have variety”

Anna, please email me and we can complete your prize giveaway, congratulations!!!

To everyone else, I appreciate and am encouraged by all of your comments. Thank you to each and every one!

See you on the other blog soon!
Kali Orexi,


PinExt Pork Chops and Cinnamon Apples

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