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When I was a little girl, about 6-7 years old, I had a BIG dream. My mom to this day reminds me that I used to tell almost everyone I met how I wanted to own my very own business. I was going to be the most popular girl in the neighborhood and everyone would love me. I didn’t want her to worry though because of course I would give family and friends a discount. My dream was to open a donut shop!!! Yep, and I was going to work there and eat donuts every single day. My favorites were bear claws, apple fritters, and of course donut holes! Not much has changed from my favorite’s list; but I have given up my dream on owning a donut shop, or at least it has transformed into a much more ritzy and eclectic “cafe/bakery/bookstore/homemade pottery/photography studio/the-best-place-on-earth” kind of store. See, we grow up and so do our dreams!

Another great story I remember about donuts, specifically apple fritters, is one sunday morning mom and I went for donuts and I was still totally gung-ho and serious about my dream. We visited our neighborhood donut shop that morning and upon leaving I really wanted mom to leave a tip, just like we do at all of the other “restaurants”. She eagerly complied, as to encourage my generosity for the future, and left a couple of dollars at the table where we were sitting. Before we got half way across the parking lot though, the sweet and much older asian woman came out screaming that we had forgotten our money as she waved it high in the air. I then, the seven year old, got to explain to her that was her tip for making such great donuts. She simply smiled and looked a bit confused, but flattered. From that day on, there somehow always seemed to end up an extra donut or two in my bag! Maybe that is whyI have love everything donuts. Probably even a little too much, I tend to make myself sick on them if no one is around to take the box away.

I would describe apple fritters like sweet pieces of apples that have been coated in cinnamon and sugar goodness, fried and then sent straight from heaven. Seriously though, for ALL the cinnamon lovers out there who also happen to love a good, juicy, and crisp apple, this recipe was MADE for you (and me)!

It takes less than 15 minutes to put together and if you can get past all of the calories from “frying” these little nuggets of deliciousness, then you will be enjoying sugar comatose in no time icon smile Apple Fritters I suggest that you make them for your family or friends and just try one (or seven) yourself, just make sure to cook them when everyone is already there. This is of course for 2 reasons, to serve them warm and to keep you from eating the whole dozen or so yourself.

They.are.that.good, I.promise! 
apple fritter apple+2+2 Apple Fritters



Homemade Apple Fritters Recipe: Printable Recipe
1 heaping cup all purpose flour
1/3 cup sugar
1 tsp. baking powder
dash salt
1 – 2 tsp. cinnamon (depending on how much you love cinnamon)
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 T. butter, melted
1 egg
1/3 cup milk + plus more if needed
1 – 1 1/2 cups chopped apple, your favorite kind for eating, peanut sized or smaller
oil for frying
milk and powdered sugar glaze for dipping or just powdered sugar for dusting
(About 1 cup pwd. sugar + 1 T. milk or more) 


Mix all dry ingredients together, slowly add the wet ingredients minus the apple. Carefully mix until well combined but not overly beat,gently fold in apple pieces. The batter should be the consistency of a light cake mix. Once the oil is ready (when a test drop of dough floats to the top of the oil, a drop of water sizzles, or a piece of white bread browns in 60 seconds) then using a cookie scooper or soup spoon, place a 4-5 balls of dough into the oil. Be careful not to overcrowd and watch carefully for the underside to turn golden brown, then gently flip over and continue frying until done. I cooked mine about 35 seconds per side, but they were the size of golf balls – adjust cooking times based on size of fritters and temperature of your oil, ideally around 365° F. It is always a good idea to test one to ensure it comes out like you are expecting.


Apple fritters stack+3+4 Apple Fritters

Not a Greek recipe, but still a wonderful one that everyone should put on their to-make list!

Kali orexi,


PinExt Apple Fritters

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210 Responses to “Apple Fritters”

  • Gloria:

    The first time I dad apple fritters was at a fair in Switzerland , except they sliced the apple and dipped it in the batter on a stick, they were delicious.

  • Shelley:

    I just made these for my husband and myself. I hate you! Nothing personal, but seriously, I hate you!!

    Out of the whold batch, I was able to save 4 small pieces, just tso see what they were like after standing for awhile.

    Thanks for this awesome recipe, but I still hate you for it!

  • lisa:

    Just letting you know that I am sharing this delicious looking recipe on my blog. Hope that’s ok!

  • Found these on Pinterest! They sound delicious!

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  • Jd:

    I will make this today with some coffee

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  • Sherlock:

    Holy moly these are good! Next time I will cut back on the sugar because the glaze makes them even sweeter.

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  • I like what you said, “We grow up and so do our dreams.”
    Well phrased.

  • Jasmine:

    Just made these for my kiddos for breakfast. Not one of my 5 kids could get enough! Great recipe!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  • So yummy looking! I am so going to try these! I can’t wait to see how they come out…..

  • Jennyfin:

    Hi, just wanted to tell you that your dream is nearly the same as my son’s! He wants to be a Donut scientist! Thinks he wants to make weird concoctions with donuts. Anyhow thanks for the recipe cant wait to try it with my little scientist.
    Warmest regrds

    • Tammy:

      I just made those Apple Fritters. They were very good.
      My mom ate two.
      Next time I will add more vanilla.I added a teaspoon full
      and it still needed a little more vanilla flavoring. The icing came
      out perfect.I mixed 1 cup of powdered sugar with some
      whipping cream which gave the icing a nice consistency.
      I will certainly be making these again.

    • France:

      What does T means in ………1T butter, melted…..the T means what please.


    • Carol:

      When I saw these my first thought was to dip them in something. At the store the other day I picked up a can of Cinnamon Spice Apple pie filling. A Donut Scientist? That’s an awesome idea. Good luck to him.

  • sandy:

    These were very good. I used a heaping 2 tsp scoop and they took about 4 minutes to cook. I also made them vegan, with almond milk instead of milk, shortening instead of butter, and flax “eggs”. They tasted great. I needed much more milk than 1/3 cup to make the dough come together. I’m not sure how much I added, but I added until the batter looked like cake batter like you said. Thanks for the recipe!

    • elisabeth:

      Thanks Sandy, I was hoping there would be vegan substitutes! And thank you Seeminglygeek for the recipe, I can’t wait to try the fritters now, they’re my hubby’s favorite!

  • Kahalia:

    I haven’t even tried the darn fritters-I just had to comment to say the story about the old lady you gave the tip to, about made me cry. How touching and what a great example from your Ma.

  • Wow! I just pinned this :-) Can’t wait to try them!

  • Nelda:

    Made these today. I do cook and bake a lot so there is not an issue there. These were ok but a bit bland. I added more spices to the batter and then added maple flavoring to the glaze. That did help them some.

  • Kelly:

    Very good recipe! Thank you for sharing. My family loved it!

  • Christy Landry:

    This sounds incredible! I love your ideas and recipes! Thanks for this post! Check out my website, I’m a fellow food blogger as well.

  • Louisa:

    Going to give these a trial run today. If they turn out, I might make them for a treat for my son’s Scout meeting.

  • RAA:

    Great recipe. Tried this for breakfast.

  • Kim:

    I just made these for the very first time tonight. They were amazing!!! I didn’t even put the glaze on them. Thank you so much for this recipe. Has anyone tried it with Splenda?

  • kristal:

    I made these for my hubby this morning and he LOVED them!! Thanks! :)

  • I love apple fritters and doughnuts of all kinds. Such a cute story about leaving the tip. It’s so important to appreciate people. I wish you opened a doughnut shop around where I live – I’m always on the hunt for great doughnuts, but there don’t seem to be any. I’ll just have to make my own :)

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  • Joanne:

    I want to try your fritters but have never made donuts before . How deep should oil be and what size pan would you suggest ?

  • Brettani Shannon:

    Has anyone tried to use a whole grain flour of some kind to make these?

  • I made these yesterday morning just like the recipie called for, and I must say that these were delicious! They were easy, and tasty and gone in 60 seconds! Thanks for posting.

  • Could you use apple pie filling fron a can?

  • Alyssa:

    I just made these this morning. So simple and so delicious. My husband loved them and even the baby couldn’t get enough. I have a feeling these will replace pancakes as a weekend treat.

  • Deb:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten anything Greek! LOL! But these apple fritters i think i would love, love, love!
    Just found your blog via pinterest. I’m very new to pinning and have had a fun time scouring the boards! Thank you for your recipe!

  • Erin:

    I have made these twice so far. Very delcious & so easy. I found your recipe via Pinterest. Thanks so much!

  • Judy Thompson:

    These are so tasty and easy! I used closer to two cups of the chopped apples, (after all, apples are healthy, right?). Dipping them in the confectioner’s sugar/milk glaze right out of the fryer seemed best. I used a Red Delicious apple.

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  • Moana Kake (@RakituIsland):

    They look scrumptious. Thank you.

  • Esther:

    Anyone know how we’ll these would freeze

  • Roslyn James:

    I’m probably going to regret ever seeing this pinned on Pinterest….but I love Apple Fritters and cannot wait to try these. I hate when I order ones at a bakery and they’re not made right (filled with apple filling). I like that these are so much smaller than the xlarge ones you get at the donut shop, too.

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  • AJ:

    Quick question:

    How long are these good for? I’m sending a goody box from WA to CT and I thought these might be yummy, but I don’t want them to get there and be moldy or have gone bad!


    • The longest they have ever lasted on my end has been about a day and half. I do not think they would travel well as they tend to get softer and more moist over time; think they would just be an apple+cinnamon mess when they got there! Maybe just send the recipe and ingredients :)

      • susan:

        also, maybe make a batch, box them up as if you were going to mail them and let them set on your counter for 3-5 days. Open and see how they are.

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  • Would you believe it’s been ten years since I last had apple fritters? I took one look at this recipe and thought, I can do this! I shall definitely be giving these a try! :)

  • How much oil did you use? and what kind of pan/pot?


  • Amy:

    My hubby said we wii never buy apple fritters again. Very good. I deep fried them and it worked really well. Thanks so much for sharing..

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  • Eileen:

    Could you bake them?

    • Linda:

      I was wondering that also. I’m trying to eat healthy, so I would like to indulge occasionally with something not too sweet and not too greasy. I was thinking of using some stevia in place of the sugar and wondering if I could spray with olive oil and bake. Has anyone tried it yet?

  • lovely recipe, i shall make it when the family come down over the Xmas break :)

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  • Susie:

    Hi! I made these tonight. Problem: they were raw in the middle. What did I do wrong? They smelled and looked delicious!

  • Andrea:

    Quick silly question-
    can you please give me directions on how to make the glaze?

    Much appreciated :)

    • Start with about a cup of powdered sugar, sifted if possible, and then add teaspoons of milk. Start with 1-2 and add more depending on how thin or thick you want your glaze! I probably used about a tablespoon because I only wanted a thin, light coating. Hope that helps!!! Thanks for stopping bye to ask!

  • Sarah:

    My 8 year old daughter and I made these together this evening. We had so much fun! My daughter enjoyed measuring out the ingredients, and she was the official “taste tester” for quality control.
    2 things: I recommend a sweeter apple than sour if you are going for a donut shop flavor. Secondly, I’d definitely let then fry for much longer than 35 seconds each side. I flipped mine when they started to become a cinnamon color. The ones we took out when golden brown were slightly undercooked.
    Delish! We will do it again!

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  • Trish:

    Hi – Where is the glaze recipe?

  • Ginnie:

    My son is has a gluten and dairy allergy but when these popped up on pinterest I had to try them! I substituted regular flour for gluten free flour and I don’t know how I had the soy milk out and totally forgot to add it! Anyway they were like a meatball consistency when I went to fry them, so the insides did not get done. I went back to the recipe to figure out why and sure enough I forgot the milk. I sprinkled powder sugar on top and baked them for 20 minutes at 350, now they taste exactly like the cider mill donuts, the cakier consistency. So grateful since we have a cider mill field trip coming up and I knew I needed to make something we could bring with us to go with his cider!!! I can’t wait to see how they freeze! Thanks for the recipe (even if I did goof it up a bit LOL)

  • Casey:

    This recipe looks great! I am wondering how long would these fritters keep for, and what is the best way to store them?

  • Lisa:

    These look & sound delicious! Think I’ll make a batch this weekend for our big Sunday breakfast :-)

  • Alyssa:

    When you make the glaze for dipping do you dip the whole thing immediately after they come out of the fryer? Or do you let them cool all the way? Going to be my first time making any kind of donut so I wanna get it right if I can. Thanks!

    • I let them set for a minute or two so they are no burning to the touch, but I would ice them when still warm…! It won’t hurt them if you wait until they are all fried and then drizzle or dunk them to coat with the icing. Make sure the icing is thin enough for a light glaze and not like a cupcake. Enjoy :)

      • gypsy:

        for easier draining of the glaze:
        use a colander or a mesh strainer, put the fritters in the colander with a pie plate or baking pan under it to catch the drips, pour or ladle glaze and and let drip off.
        at one of the donuts shops I worked at this is how we glazed the donuts.
        and the comment of the donuts shop fritters being filled with pie filling, yes they are and its yuck. makes the inside of the fritters gooey.

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  • Emily:

    I found this recipe last night via Pinterest and made them this morning for brunch. These were so easy to make. I actually had all the ingredients on hand, and they were delicious. Mine took a bit longer to cook than 35 seconds per side, but once I figured out how long they were going to take, it all turned out great. Thanks so much for this recipe. It’ll be a fall favorite in my house for sure!

  • MISS:

    WHAT DOES 1 T. MEAN?..

  • Kris:

    Thanks for the recipe! Made my first batch this evening and they received rave reviews! I will def. make these again. I did add double the milk and a touch more cinnamon. Thanks.

  • Svetlana:

    I made this today! So easy and SOOOOO delicious!!!!!!!!! thank you very much for the recipe! Will try more

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  • Leah:

    I made fritters this morning. Really good! I added more milk more like a bit than half. And add more cinnamon . Cheaper than buy fritter at the bakery!!! Definfely will make it again! Yum!

    I used the small cookie scooper and it worked great! It puffed up to golf sized.

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  • Tara:

    Hi, sorry if I sound inexperienced but I am hehe!!
    How do you fry these in a regular frying pan…can you please be a little more specific on exactly what to do if possible? I would love to try making them but don’t have a deep fryer or electric skillet!
    Thanks so much in advance :)

    • B:

      Just use a small/medium saucepan and fill halfway w/cooking oil. Heat to correct temp and fry away!

      • Gwen Williams:

        My sweet tooth was nagging me and I had seen a recipe on t.v. using cider vinegar in their recipe. I spritzed some cider vinegar in your recipe and you can’t taste it at all. The 1/3 C sugar is enough and the glaze is not necessary. I used Canola and EVOO and fried the fritters in a small sauce pan (could only do 3 at a time). I should have drained them as they were too greasy, but, they were delicious. Also, I used 2/3 C AP Flour with 1/3 C whole wheat flour. I will never buy another Apple Fritter again. BTW, I used Grannie Smith apples.

  • Leslie:

    Just made half a batch of these (so I wouldn’t eat a whole batch!) and they were fabulously tasty and easy. I would also add double the cinnamon, but other than that, they were great. Thanks for the terrific recipe. BTW, I got 30 fritters using heaping teaspoon-sized dough balls.

  • Trina:

    Thanks for such an easy recipe. I made mine with peaches, being that it is peach picking season here in MI. I followed the recipe exactly but did not account for the juiciness of peaches. I then had to go back and add an ample amount of dry ingredients. These were great even without the icing. Thanks.

  • taylor:

    hey! these look incredible! for some reason mine took forever to fry! i’m not sure why… any ideas??

  • brideofpiglet:

    Made these this past week and they disappeared. I was making them when the hubby came home from work. Finished them up as we sat down for supper and the teenage had already been into them.
    Saved them for dessert and they were met with rave reviews. Hubby took some to work and shared.
    Finished them off after lunch one day and had a belly ache from eating all that were left.
    Thanks for the recipe, will definitely be a regular from now on!

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    • Sharon Swanson:

      I loved this recipe! It was easy to make and they turned out just like the picture. I did have to add a little extra milk and they came out perfect. I made mine a little bigger dropping big tablespoons full. It is so nice to get such good recipes like this. Thanks a lot.

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  • LOVED this recipe! I’ll be sharing a link on my blog ( (Hoping that’s ok, please contact me via e-mail if otherwise.) Thanks for sharing it!

  • I tried this Wonderful Recipe to the T, an even added a suggestion of a cider pkg. And for some reason as my oil heated to the 365* degrees, I added my batter and as soon as it hit the oil it disinigrated… What did I do Wrong??? :( I so want to give these another try, but only Sucessfully. Please, let me know what I may have done to throw this off!

  • Hope:

    Made these this morning, and they were awesome. I have three boys and these did not last long at all. Definitely will be making these again. And they were EASY. Thank you and my family thanks you.

  • Lynda:

    These were tasty and super easy to make, thanks
    for sharing!

  • Cientje:

    Can someone please tell me what T. stands for? I’m from Europe and not used to American measures. Can’t wait to try this recipe :D .

    Thank you in advance

    • T = Tablespoon which would be comparable to a soup spoon for you in Europe!!!! Thanks for stopping bye!

      • Cientje:

        Thank you, I’m gonna try it right away :D

        • Sherri:

          Also, a tablespoon (or T) is three teaspoons (little t). A teaspoon holds 5 ml (liquid) and a tablespoon holds 15 ml. Most measuring devices — spoon and cups — sold in the US today have English and metric equivalents. Hope this helps!

    • Sharon Swanson:

      T stands for tablespoon. I usually put tblsp. Feel free to ask any questions u have.

  • I found this post though Pinterest. The photo was so beautiful that I just had to come here to read the recipe! Love it! And love your site :-) .

    I would like to invite you to share this post (and your other posts :-) ) on a new photo based recipe sharing site that launched in May. The idea is simple: all recipe photographs are published within minutes of submission. And, of course, the images link back to the author’s site.

    It’s called RecipeNewZ (with Z) –

    I hope you get a chance to visit and to share some of your delicious posts with our viewers. It would be a pleasure to have you on board :-)

  • I made these today and they are wonderful! For my own taste there is only one change I would make and that would be to leave out the nutmeg. I love nutmeg but when I make these again I’ll eliminate it and increase the cinnamon. Thank you for such a great tasting recipe.

  • Carrol:

    Just made a batch of these & they are divine. I did a glaze on the side to drizzle instead of saturating the fritter since they’ll be eaten over the next couple days. Figured they’d get soggy if I coated them today.
    Used my little trigger scooper which just makes life easier. Got 2.5 dozen little yummies about the size of a golf ball.
    Hubby asked that we share with the neighbors so we wouldn’t have all that temptation sitting here, staring at us.
    This recipe will be going in the permanent “keeper” collection for future use. Thanks for sharing. Now I’ll be wandering around your site to find others to try.

  • Roxanne:

    Wow, looking at too many yummie recipes……. thank you for the response… and for all the yummieeeeeeeeeeeeeee things to make…….. I am just going to hide my bathroom scale..

  • Cheryl Hackmann:

    Frying hints:
    1. A deep fryer keeps the fat at about 350-360 degrees. If you over fill with product it lowers the temp. and tends to make product taste greasy.

    2. An electric skillet also helps you to maintain a constant temperature.

    3. NO deep fryer or electric skillet then frying is ok. Oil should NOT smoke that is a visual indicator to take off heat and let cool down (getting ready to catch fire). I would not fry without a thermometer to make sure that the temp. is close to 350. Too hot and the centers are raw and outside is curnchy.

    Foods Teacher

  • Caz:

    I followed you recipe and it was tasty. But the nice crust was not that of an apple fritter. Texture is really part of why I like Apple Fritters. Do you have any suggetions?

    • I think it might have to be leavened with a yeast to get the truly authentic crust of a fritter, I will do some digging and see what I can find! Thanks for stopping by though!

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    • Kimberly:

      I tried this recipe today and changed it a little and it turned out awesome!!! They made 18 using a scoop I use for my mini muffin pan. Also I increased the milk to 3/4 cup and and to make the flavor kicked up, I took a single serving package of apple cider mix that you would add hot water to and make a warm cup of apple cider, kinda like a packet of hot cocoa but hot cider instead, and added it to the dry ingredients, without the water of course. The flavor was amazing.
      Loved them, have to make a quadruple batch next time.

  • Noel:

    Finally made these tonight. Great recipe!!! Taste Ultimate!!! Not near was pretty as your’s. I I did make some mistakes. Will do different next time. Frying is not something that I am good at anyway! Think next time I will try doing in a frying pan like a small pancake, that’s how the Bakery did in town!! Thanks for the recipe, it’s Great!!!

  • I have always loved apples fritters and I never knew it could be so easy to make them at home. Got this up on my Pinterest account so I don’t forget where I found it.

  • Wende:

    These were easy and the kids loved them! It will probably be their new favorite breakfast treat.

  • Andi S.:

    Made these tonight. Very yummy. Couple of notes for other readers:
    1) You will need to add more milk to get the cake-like batter consistency
    2) probably don’t need the full amount of apples. I used a chopper to cut up one apple and that seemed plenty. Adjust yours to taste.
    3) I used baking soda. After the fact I read some more comments and there were several that recommended baking powder rather than soda. While ours tasted fine with the 1 tsp soda, next time I’ll try the powder to see if it does anything with the consistency.
    4) the batter expands as it cooks so drop a teaspoon and that will yield roughly the golf ball size. I dropped a golf ball size of batter first time around and they ended up like small pancakes and they were not cooked all the way through. When I went to the smaller size, they were cooked all the way through. Some other time I may actually thin them out just a bit more and make them into pancakes. :)
    5) do not make these if you are home alone. You will eat way too many.

    Thanks for a great recipe and thanks to the other reviews for helpful tips to make these. My first attempt did not produce anything as beautiful as the picture but they were extremely delicious (my daughter asked if I could make these more often) and I will experiment with them more in the future!

  • Deb G:

    I was wondering if these could be baked as muffins/mini-muffins, or by using a BabyCakes maker?

  • shelly:

    I just found your picture and recipe on pinterest. I thought I would give them a try. Try turned out great! Thank you so much for your post! My 3 year old daughter and I had so much fun making these on our saturday morning! She even ate them without the glaze!

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  • Rebecca:

    The apple fritters look amazing! As a child, I too dreamed of opening a donut store, though I don’t remember any specific reason. Fun to find someone else who dreamt the same.

  • michaela:

    Will you marry me? Or what I really mean is can I marry your brilliant recipes? My butt says thank you for making it bigger with these amazing fritters! Also, since when did fried and covered with sugar become a pejorative?

    • Ha!! Love it… so happy you enjoy the recipes. Hopefully more coming soon now that we are settled in. Thank you for your sweet comments, sometimes my Greek husband doesn’t appreciate my “American” recipes as much as I’d hoped he would – that is where blogging is so rewarding! Thanks Michaela :)

  • MrsStockdale:

    I made these today… SO yummy! thank you for posting.

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  • Oh my! These are dangerous little things aren’t they? So impressed….I have also reblogged this and absolutely RAVED about them. Thank you so much for these! F. x

  • Keri:

    Maybe a stupid question, but what is AP flour? These look awesome and I can’t wait to try them!

  • Jennifer:

    Im making these right now! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Delicious!

  • Keli:

    Just saw a comment about using a deep fryer…. I used mine! I followed your recipe but also added extra milk to it just to make the dough a bit more of a cake consistency; it was a bit too dry. I also used my mid-size cookie scooper to ball up the dough and place in my fryer at 375 degrees, cooked a couple of minutes (btw my basket was in the oil that way they didn’t stick to the wire basket) pulled them out and dusted with powdered sugar…YUM! We did have a test fritter to be able to check the middle for adjusting cooking time! Made 12, next time I’m going to use the cookie scooper size down – that way i will get more fritters. Hope this helps anyone else.

  • Keli:

    Oh my gracious! Thank you this recipe! My boys, hubby and myself fell in love with this new breakfast treat.

  • Sgfmom:

    With a sick husband and a toddler that woke up too early, I was excited to make these for my family. They never worked out. The dough never cooked all the way through no matter how small I made the fritters (I even tried half a teaspoon). I followed the recipe with the exception of adding 1/4 c. more of milk. Sad that it turned out to be a waste of time. Now I have a sink full of dishes to clean up. Great.

    • That’s very sad! It seems that if they cooked on the outside but not inside that your pan or oil was too hot. Don’t despair….try again! They are truly worth it and both your kids (big and little) will thank you for it!! F. x

  • Cooks:

    I have made a recipe for apple fritter before and I went to use my deep fryer and they fell apart inside of it. Would you recommend an frying vs. deep frying?

  • AshleighM:

    Do you think it could work frying them without oil, similar to pancakes? I would love to make these, but I can’t get over the calories of frying?

  • [...] pastry. Whatever the difference, I’m pretty sure I could eat these at any time of the day. This Apple Fritter Recipe is perfect for all donut lovers. Seemingly Greek offers readers with a delicious description of her [...]

  • Abbi:

    I made these tonight and they took a while, but they were delicious! I put 1/4 c. sugar and used 1.5 c. apples and did not put on a glaze and they were still very sweet. I used a regular small spoon to create a flat round… the ones I tried in a bigger ball didn’t cook well on the inside. Also, I made a batch with gluten free flour for my parents and they turned out fine (for anyone who’s curious).

  • Lisa:

    Ok, first of all, this should be illegal. I remember now, why people were giving up fried foods – they taste so good, you do not want to stop at one, or four. These taste way better than the Amish market ones because I was able to make them fresh and used olive/grapeseed oil instead of lard – heaven. I definitely used the baking powder – sage advice to all who recommended it. I am thankful I read the comments first as I was halfway through mixing the dry ingredients and got confused. Thanks to all above me who commented, your suggestions were completely awesome. I think you have to go into this recipe with the ability to be flexible, as the ingredients we all use and all of our ideas of “heaping” will vary person to person.

    My own recommendations – I increased the cinnamon to at least 3 tsp and would probably even double that, the cinnamon is hidden still for my tastes, so if you love cinnamon, you’re going to want to play with that number. Secondly, I had to add a considerable amount more milk than 1/3 cup. I am going to guess I added almost 3/4 c total to get the right consistency and then I did follow the baker’s suggestion above to let it sit there a few minutes – that worked great… also, the tip to use a teaspoon was brilliant. They were done through and through perfectly.

    I think the recipe made us about 40 of sizes that varied between bouncy ball to golf ball to hackey sack ball sized. I can’t tell for sure, because since I began tasting in the first batch, as others were unsuccessful, and I didn’t want to waste time frying them all up only to be disappointed, I did not stop tasting. Then my husband kept coming back to the plate where I’d initially set them in order to drip the glaze off, and several disappeared that way, and when I moved them onto a rack so that they would not get mushy on the bottom, he “helped” by eating some on the ends, because they didn’t look “safe”. Finally, when I began to count, he ate the two smallest ones telling me that they shouldn’t be counted at all because they were so small.

    Don’t give up if this doesn’t go perfectly, remember you can thin out the mix with a little more milk, though next time I would love to use some cider as another comment suggested, if there is a next time, as when he was done eating the 4-5 pilfered puffs of love, he forbade me to make these again!

    • Great comment, this made me smile very big. So glad you made the recipe work for you and that you loved it. Thanks for the feedback :)

    • Abbi:

      Mine seemed thick, but then when I added 1.5 c. apples, they became really gooey. Don’t how how many apples you put in, but that might make a difference in the extra milk situation.

  • Kathy:

    I just saw these on Pinterest and had to make them. I loved that I had everything on hand too !!
    I followed the recipe exactly and they came out perfect. I did use the baking powder and no
    baking soda. Quick, easy, and delicious !!!

  • [...] Not a Greek recipe, but still a wonderful one that everyone should put on their to-make list! Kali orexi, Mix all dry ingredients together, slowly add the wet ingredients minus the apple. Carefully mix until well combined but not overly beat,gently fold in apple pieces. Apple Fritters | [...]

  • Christy:

    I found this recipe on Pintrest, and I am sooo looking forward to making this for Christmas morning for breakfast at my moms house with the family. I live in Florida and as a kid growing up we would go to Dunkin Donuts and my mom and me would get apple fritters for breakfast, so when I saw this recipe I got so excited.

  • I just wanted to say that I made these this morning for breakfast. I doubled the recipe because my husband likes apple stuff a lot, and if it tastes good, the kids love it. I probably shouldn’t have! These are VERY filling, and we didn’t seem to put a dent in tbe batch. Oh well, yummy snacks for later!

    I made the recipe exactly as above, however my batter came out the consistency of bread dough. I added just a touch of apple cider to thin it out a bit (it was about the consistency of thick brownie batter) and while tbe dough rested, I cut up my apples. As a former pastry chef (I say former because no one pays me to do it anymore!) I know the secret to anything apple-y is to use multiple kinds of apples. I only happened to have empire and granny smith, but they did fine. I should also note that “golf ball size” is the finished size. I didn’t realize how much these suckers expand while cooking (I knew they would at least a little, but they surprised me). My first batch was gooey on the inside, as others reported, because I made my pre-cooked balls golf-ball sized. I quickly reverted to using 2 teaspoons and just making well-rounded teaspoons drops. they came out perfectly!

    these are delicious! I have to say I’ve never actually had a fritter before, but j there’s any better, I’ll have died and gone to heaven!

  • Clo:

    I think instead of baking soda you should do 1 tsp of baking powder, that might be why it’s not working for some people. Other than that this is a superior recipe, I’m making it with some strawberries. :)

  • Can you use a deep fryer for these?

  • I just made these. I did it just like you said, except I did double the recipe. Then made a mistake and added too much milk, so I added a little bit more flour, BUT inspite of that, they turned out amazing! My husband and I both ate entirely too much! Thank you for posting this recipe. They are just perfect!

  • Anna:

    Hi! I adapted your recipe to better fit my tastes and it was amazing! Thanks for such a great recipe! I linked back to you on my blog:
    You have such great recipes. :)

  • Odette:

    YUM! Just made these and they were delish! I omitted a teaspoon of baking soda and had to add a bit more milk to get just the right consistency. They were quick and easy to make and satisfied my daughters sweet tooth (and mine too)! This ones a keeper.

  • stacey fipps:

    why not baking powder instead of baking soda? I make fritters wihou fruit and I have never used bakig soda.. might try…

  • Katy:

    Found this on pinterest, tried it about 20 minutes ago and still haven’t figured out what I did wrong.

    I’m pretty sure there is WAY too much baking soda in it & frying them didn’t help either. If you’re going to try this I would definitely not put 2 teaspoons of baking soda because its way to over powering. I basically had to toss everything in the trash because it tasted so bad, the only thing I got from it was some bonding time with my mother & a kitchen that reeks of fried oil.

    • I am sad to hear that they didn’t work out for you. I am not quite sure why they are working for some people and not others…. let me know if you try them again with less baking soda and it helps! Thanks for your feedback anyway :)

  • I’m trying these right now! I hope they work out since they are for a group of friends coming over!! I once read to fry donuts and such with a piece of raw potato to help avoid the oil getting too hot!!! Let’s see if this works out.

  • Sarah:

    Help! I just attempted to make these tonight and the batter tasted fine until cooked. The end result was so terrible i had to toss the whole batch in the trash! Is 2 teaspoons of baking soda right??? That is all the cooked ones tasted like!

    • I am sorry Sarah, I am not sure what happened. Maybe you could try just 1 tsp. then if it was over powering the batter. I know some other people had a problem burning them because the oil was too hot. Try only 1 tsp. and let me know how it turns out?

      • Maryanne:

        2 comments mentioned too much baking soda, but your recipe clearly calls for 1 teas bak powder. Right? Apple fritters are my favorite donut as well and haven”t had one in years. Sigh, I guess I will have to give up the diet and try these too. Thanks for sharing

  • Apple fritters were my favorite donut as a kid… I’m going to have to try these!!

  • Lynn:

    These would make my husband sooooo happy! I love the sound of your dream shop. If you opened it, I would love to come to it!

  • susan:

    kind of Greek reminds me of loukumadis

  • Kels:

    Just ran across these on Pinterest, they look AMAZING!!!

  • Jes:

    These look amazing! I’m so excited to try this recipe. How do make the glaze?

    • The glaze is a super easy mixture of about 1 cup powdered sugar to 1 T. milk, then just adjust the thickness from there based on how much more sweet you’d like them. I use a relatively thin coating :) Enjoy!

  • Meg:

    Made these tonight… OMG they are evil… in a GOOD way!!

  • These look absolutely amazing & I can’t wait to try them tomorrow!

  • scrappinfor6:

    OMG….I cannot wait to try these. When growing up in OKC there was a place that served warm apple fritters instead of bread and i LOVED them…I cannot wait until this weekend. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    • jana dodd:

      Applewoods! Loved that place. I will have to try these to see if I can recreate Applewoods. Miss that place.

  • Anne, Mine were dark too (of course I used the max amount of cinnamon tho) and I had a little trouble with batter oozing out, but I think my oil was too hot to begin with. After turning the oil down a bit, I had better success. I think another batch might just be the trick–but not tonight–or for a few nights, as I don’t want to add another bubble to my behind!

    Even dark, they are delish–especially with glaze…LOL

  • Mmmm… These are soooo good! A couple days ago I saw them on Pinterest and just made them tonight after having about a cup of chopped apples from another meal that I had been wondering what to do with. At first I wanted to double the recipe because it didn’t seem like much batter in the bowl, but I didn’t–and it is a good thing, because I would have needed to eat more!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this nice recipe!

  • Anne:

    What temperature did you use for frying? I am in the middle of a batch right now….they are not cooking in the middle but are really turning dark on the outside. When we turned the oil down they were still not cooking in the middle….we tried 45 seconds each side too.

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I have an electric stovetop and use medium high heat. I let it get hot (when a drop of water sizzles or a piece of bread browns in about 60 seconds). The ideal temperature for frying should be 350-365° F. Also take into consideration the size of the fritters and how many you add to the pan, mine were the size of a golf ball and I added only 5 per time. I hope this helps, please let me know if they turn out a second time :)

    • Amber:

      I’m having the same problem. They were all burnt of the inside and gooey in the middle…is it a high altitude thing?

  • I am SO trying these this weekend! I have three boys that will DEVOUR them! I would love to post this on my blog with complete credit and linkback to you, of course. Would that be OK?

  • Don’t fry in olive oil!!! Its a healthy oil but doesn’t withstand the high heat of frying. Then it actually is very unhealthy.
    When I was a kid, I told everyone my job was going to be a contestant on Price Is Right!!! :)
    I didn’t become a professional Price Is Right contestant, but I do love donuts!!!! So, I will definitely be making some of those fried little beauties!

    • You are right, but we don’t have many options here in Greece (or at least here on the island. I used to use canola oil, but now olive oil and sunflower oil is what I must use – typically whatever we have on hand! But thanks for the tip!

  • myfudo:

    Fantastic! I never tried an apple fritters before. I would love to prepare this specific version that looks inviting.

  • boogie:

    these look incredibly good & cinn-ful! hahaha! will definitely make these soon! thanks for the recipe. ps you & i have a very similar dreams!

  • Eloise:

    I am also a donut addict. Definitely going to try these apple fritters for sure! I loved your story too :)

  • Noelle:

    Looks so easy to make! YUM!

  • Cathy @ Savory Notes:

    My mouth literally dropped open after seeing this recipe. I never thought to try to make my own apple fritters.. but it seems to simple! Now I wont be able to stop

  • Tali:

    Looks tasty…
    About frying in olive oil – it is actually less healthy than using other oils. Olive oil has a lower burning\smoke point than other oils which makes it less suitable for frying.

  • Anna:

    I have been thinking about apple fritters since the temperature dropped below 80 degrees here. I am SO making these!

  • Kaye:

    Does anyone have apple suggestions? I would love to use the apples that grow on the tree in my mother and father's yard but they are too far away. I grew up on using them as my "baking apple." This year I haven't gotten any. :(
    What type of apple have some of you used for fritters? Is it the same as baking pie or can you use a different type as well?
    Thanks bunches!!

    • Don:

      Traditionally good baking apples are Granny Smith and Rome Beauty. These are rather tart but firm after baking/cooking. You can use Jonathans, Jonagolds, and Golden Delicious. All are sweeter and softer when cooked. Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji are not the best for cooking. Just about any type can be tried, but you’ll have to search to find the tartness/flavor/texture you are looking for.

  • Ashley:

    Mouth is watering…oh my goodness Jac…those are amazing and I would eat at your donut shop everyday!!!

  • Kaye:

    My wedding anniversary is Sunday. Guess what my husband is getting? It's not that I couldn't look up a recipe for these on my own, it's that YOU gave it to me and we, meaning everyone at our house, have come to trust the recipes you give us.
    Hmmmmm……maybe apple picking on Saturday will be his gift to me. We're in Wisconsin and it's beautiful right now.

  • SusiGE:

    Yummy photos and can't wait to try it this weekend. What are the measurements for your glaze? Thanks!

  • Jacquline:

    Sorry, AP = All Purpose!!!

    I will try not to use abbreviations without explanations!

  • Lucia:

    what is AP flour? looks delicious and easy to make…

    • Tiffany:

      AP is all purpose flour :)

      My husband loves apple fritters but can’t ever find them. His birthday is coming up soon and I know what he’ll be getting!!

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